Medical malpractice trial to begin soon

Medical malpractice trial to begin soon

It is not uncommon for a medical malpractice case to be settled before going to trial, however, this is not the way things always work out. In a situation in which the parties involved are unable to come to a resolution, the last resort is a date in the courtroom.

Our Maryland readers may stay current with news out of local states, and this story from North Carolina is interesting on many different levels.

Jury selection has begun on what is expected to be a three week long medical malpractice trial against a women’s clinic. A couple, along with their young son, are named as the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that was initially filed in 2011. They believe that a doctor was negligent during the boy’s birth, resulting in permanent injuries including the inability to use some body parts. As a result of what happened at birth, the boy is going to require special care for the rest of his life.

In the claim, the plaintiffs allege that the doctor failed to respond to the medical conditions, comply with standards of obstetricians, or offer reasonable care. There are dozens of medical professionals named on the witness list.

Medical malpractice can happen at anytime, ranging from errors in hospitals to inexperienced doctors and much more.

In this case, you have a couple who feels that their son could be leading a better life if the doctor would have acted differently. With the help of a personal injury attorney, they hope to prove their case in the courtroom and receive compensation as a result.

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