Mine worker hurt on the job

Mine worker hurt on the job

An employee of a Maryland coal mine suffered a broken back in a work accident that occurred as he tried to put supplies into place. The man, who authorities said they believed was in his 20s, was taken by helicopter to the Western Maryland Regional Medical Center in stable condition.

The accident occurred in a mine in Grantsville, Maryland, according to the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration. According to an official, the man was standing in front of a “scoop” bucket, putting supplies into their proper place. The operator of the scoop did not know he was there, and it moved approximately 5 feet before the victim could tell the operator to stop the machinery. The employee wound up trapped between the scoop bucket and the roof of the mine.

A representative of the company that operates the mine reportedly told a state official that the machine operator stopped and moved the equipment as soon as possible after the accident so that emergency personnel could remove the man from the mine.

After the accident, officials from MSHA’s regional office closed the area of the mine where the accident happened and immediately launched an investigation.

In all, 40 people work in the Grantsville mine, which opened for production in June 2011.

The man likely will need time off from his work for his back to heal from the injuries he sustained. Representatives of the mine should provide him with information about workers’ compensation. From reports, the accident does not sound like his fault, which means he should be entitled to some form of compensation.

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