Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Baltimore, MD 

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Baltimore, MD

When you are a passenger on a motorcycle and you get into an accident, you need the help of a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD victims trust at Greenberg Law Offices. Being a passenger in an accident like this can be confusing, especially when it comes to receiving compensation for any injuries you sustained as a direct result of the accident. However, our motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD knows has worked on many cases involving motorcycle accidents and can help you. Below, you will find out more information on what we can do to help you if the motorcycle was the only vehicle involved in the accident or if it was a two-vehicle accident. If you are interested in seeing how a motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, Maryland victims depend on can help you, contact us now. 

Being a Passenger in a Two-Vehicle Motorcycle Accident

When the motorcycle you are riding on gets into an accident with another car or truck, there are typically two ways you can claim compensation. If both the motorcycle driver and the other vehicle appear to be at fault for the accident, you would likely attempt to claim compensation through both the motorcyclist and the other driver’s insurance. However, if it is clear who was at fault for the accident, you would only file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance. Our motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD can count on shares that it is important that you know in this scenario that the other car does not actually have to hit the motorcycle for it to be a two-vehicle accident. If the car or truck dangerously cuts off the motorcycle and causes the driver to swerve and hit something else, it is still the other driver’s fault. Speak with your motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD respects if this is the case. 

Being a Passenger in an Accident That Only Involves the Motorcycle

When you are in this scenario, you will make your insurance claim against the person who was operating the motorcycle at the time of the accident. Your motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD riders trust knows that a motorcycle accident like this is similar to other personal injury claims. You will want to prove that:

  • The operator of the motorcycle was negligent.
  • The operator of the motorcycle’s negligence directly caused your injuries. 

There is another scenario where you wouldn’t necessarily file a claim against the driver’s insurance, however. If there was a defective item on the motorcycle that caused it to malfunction and crash, you may shift the blame to the manufacturer of the motorcycle (or that part specifically) and file a claim with them. Your motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, Maryland victims seek assistance from can help you determine who to file a claim with. 

Being in a motorcycle accident can leave you with severe and life-threatening injuries. If you were injured in this type of accident and would like to file a claim, please contact our motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD depends on from Greenberg Law Offices now. 

Head and Brain Injuries are Common in Motorcycle Accidents 

You, your bike, and the open road—what could be better? Without an enclosed steel cage around you, traveling at 60 mph can be thrilling! Unfortunately, when accidents happen, it can also lead to substantial injuries to a rider’s body, and sometimes no amount of protective gear will prevent them. A passenger vehicle weighs about two tons. Our motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD trusts will tell you that when one of these collides with a motorcycle, it will likely be worse for the bike and its rider. The rider will probably be subjected to two different impacts—the one from the two vehicles colliding and the one where the rider hits the ground. 

Indeed, motorcycle accidents can be more devastating to the body than car accidents. Considering the amount of damage that can occur when motorcycle riders sustain accident-related injuries, riders may need an experienced and accomplished motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD recommends. Greenberg Law Offices offer legal professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your damages. 

Motorcycle accident injuries to the head and brain

Motorcycle accident injuries are sometimes dire and potentially life-threatening. Your motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD victims rely on can work to obtain you the maximum settlement for such injuries. One of the most common and most concerning kinds of damage are head and brain injuries.  A brain injury is more often referred to as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It happens when the normal functions of the brain are disrupted by bumping, jolting, or sustaining a blow to the head.

Brain injuries can range in severity from mild TBIs (concussions) to severe TBIs, which could even render an accident victim unconscious or in a vegetative state permanently. Our motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD victims seek assistance from will tell you that motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets face a substantial risk for brain injuries when an accident occurs. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for the impact of a collision, especially one that occurs at high speeds, to throw bikers from their motorcycles, causing them to hit their heads on the ground.

Even if riders wear helmets, head injuries play a significant role in motorcycle accident injuries. Head injuries are a leading cause of fatalities in motorcycle crashes. Your motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD knows share that most of the time, the casualties were due to the rider failing to wear a helmet. Concussions, brain damage, and traumatic brain injuries are not to be taken lightly. 

Such injuries can happen despite wearing a helmet. When the head impacts the inside of the helmet, the head still gets rattles around. That can lead to bleeding and swelling in the brain. Additionally, head injuries can lead to paralysis or loss of healthy brain function. 

Signs and symptoms of TBIs

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle collision accident and hit your head, our motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore. MD victims turn to share that it’s important to be alert for signs of traumatic brain injury. Symptoms can include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Balance problems
  • Blurred vision
  • Hearing loss
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Concentration, focus, or memory issues

These symptoms may not show up immediately. Sometimes it takes hours or even days for them to manifest. Depending on the severity of the injury, seizure disorders, memory loss, depression, difficulty processing languages, and other long term effects can become apparent.

Head and brain injuries may take many months to recover fully. During that time, you’ll need compensation to pay for medical expenses and lost wages. The motorcycle accident lawyer Baltimore, MD respects at Greenberg Law Offices can step in and work to get you the money you deserve while you focus on your recovery. 

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