Motorist charged in crash that killed pedestrian

Motorist charged in crash that killed pedestrian

A 43-year-old male motorist alleged to have been drug intoxicated at the time of the incident has been charged with vehicular homicide, and other charges, from a car crash outside Baltimore’s City Hall that killed a pedestrian. Such car accidents involving drunk or drug impaired drivers frequently cause serious injuries and deaths of innocent persons.

Police investigators reported finding both heroin and cocaine in the vehicle after the accident and stated that testing revealed the presence of drugs in the driver’s bloodstream. The vehicle overturned near City Hall, just after it struck and killed a male city finance employee.

The 45-year-old employee had worked as a supervisor for the city’s finance department for approximately 28 years. He was well known among city employees and was said to be very involved in cleanup efforts and neighborhood groups in the Little Italy neighborhood. Friends also said that the deceased had been an enthusiastic fan of the Baltimore Orioles team. His funeral was attended by Baltimore’s mayor, members of the City Council and over 200 friends and relatives.

The driver is also facing drug possession charges for both heroin and cocaine, charges for possession of drug paraphernalia, going through a red light and a speed violation. A grand jury indicted him on all these charges as well as for driving under the influence of drugs.

In addition to criminal charges, the motorist could also face a separate civil lawsuit for money damages based on wrongful death. His surviving family could recover medical and funeral expenses, damages for the decedent’s pain and suffering, and compensation for the loss of his economic contribution to the family. When a tragic accident such as this occurs, it is important to consult promptly with an experienced personal injury lawyer to make sure that a claim is filed in a timely manner, that all evidence is preserved, and that anyone potentially responsible for an accident is named as a defendant.

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