Nursing home neglect lawyer

Nursing home neglect lawyer

Why Does Nursing Home Neglect Occur?

Nursing home neglect lawyer

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is the unfortunate reality that some residents have had to go through while living at this type of facility. Neglect can happen for a number of different reasons ranging from human factors to other reasons. If you believe that your loved one is being neglected or even abused, then seeking out a nursing home neglect lawyer may be in your best interest. Contacting law enforcement may also be advised if it is clear that someone at the nursing home is directly causing violent injury to your loved one. 

What to Watch For

Watch out for any concerning stories that your loved one is telling you. Nursing homes are supposed to offer guaranteed care which means that some services like giving proper water, adequate exercise time, watchful care, meals, medicine administering, and others are all something that they typically guarantee to their residents. If it is clear they are failing in carrying out these duties, then it may be a clear sign of neglect or even abuse. If you bring these concerns to the staff or management’s attention and nothing is done about it then you may have a case for legal action against them. 

Why it’s Happening

Neglect can happen for a lot of different reasons. One of the most common reasons though is improper staffing levels at the facility. If there are not enough staff to care for all of the residents, then there is a good chance that some things could be forgotten. The staff are people too and may even pick favorites or people that they naturally remember more than others. When this occurs, it may be possible that you or your loved one were forgotten by the staff who were supposed to offer care. This is no excuse though as care is supposed to be guaranteed equally to all. 

Legal Representation 

Legal representatives can help you out with your possible case against the nursing home if you decide to pursue that route. Damages may be awarded as well as penalties against the home and even possible removal of certain staff if they are deemed to be responsible for widespread abuse or neglect. Your loved ones’ concerns and care are the most important thing to consider here though, which is why a nursing home neglect lawyer such as Davis & Brusca can help you to take that legal action against the abusive and neglectful nursing facility. 


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