Possible Defenses for a DWI Charge

Possible Defenses for a DWI Charge

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a charge that isn’t taken lightly, and one you may want to seek a DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD trusts to defend you. You may be wondering if you stand a chance of defending a DWI charge and being acquitted of the charges. Your Baltimore, MD DWI lawyer may be able to discuss all of your options with you, but until then it’s helpful to know some of the defenses available to you.

What is Needed for a Strong Defense?

Your DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD residents turn to for help may tell you that in order to defend a DWI charge, you need to disprove an argument of the prosecution. The prosecution has to prove that you drove the vehicle and that you were under the influence while driving. It’s important to remember that laws vary by state and the defenses available to you may vary as well, which is why you may want to hire a DWI lawyer in Baltimore, MD to walk you through your options.

One Possible Defense: Not Operating a Motor Vehicle

Most of the time, individuals charged with a DWI were pulled over while driving on a public road. If this was the case for you, this defense isn’t an option. The prosecution may not have to give additional proof that you were driving because the police report may already prove this.

However, if you were sitting in your vehicle and not actually driving, you may have a chance to fight this important case factor depending on the laws in your state. You may have been sitting in a parking lot or on the side of the road with your vehicle idling or even off, but a police officer still gave you a ticket for DWI. In this case, your DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD may tell you that proving you weren’t driving is a good option.

Other Factors to Consider in the Arrest

If the police officer who stopped your car didn’t have a legal reason to pull you over in the first place, the evidence against you may be inadmissible. This could mean that the prosecution doesn’t have a case against you. For this, you may need to argue that you weren’t driving erratically.

Evidence may also be inadmissible if the police officer didn’t follow proper legal procedures during the arrest. You should have been read your Miranda warning during your arrest. If the officer didn’t recite the Miranda warning to you, or said it wrong, a DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD drivers regularly consult could tell you that some of the evidence may be thrown out.

If you can offer valid explanations for the things that the arresting officer reported, you may be found not guilty. This includes having physical impairments that would make it hard to perform a field sobriety test, not given clear instructions for the test, or having bloodshot eyes due to irritating contacts. These are just a few examples, and your lawyer may be able to go over more with you.

The Cost of a DWI Conviction

The importance of hiring a skilled DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD locals recommend cannot be overstated. The reason for this is that the costs of a DWI conviction are usually significant without the intervention of an attorney. The costs rise even further for subsequent convictions. The circumstances of each case vary, which in turn affects how much each person ends up paying. However, a Baltimore DWI lawyer from the Greenberg Law Offices can provide you an estimate of your potential costs. Your attorney can make every effort to reduce or eliminate the charges against you and the associated court fees and fines. Here is an overview of all the typical DWI-related costs for those who do not have a lawyer to help them:

  • Tow truck charges. This is a non-court related cost that you will likely have to pay in full. If you do not have towing insurance to cover this, the fee may depend on how far the car needed to be towed and if it was taken to a towing lot. Expect to pay a minimum of $200 if you’re lucky.
  • Bail. Bail amounts are based on the accused’s prior criminal record and the circumstances of your DWI arrest. A good DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD criminal defendants turn to can represent you at the bail hearing and petition the court to possibly release you with a minimum bail amount. Otherwise, at best you’re looking at paying several thousand dollars to meet bail requirements.
  • Court fees. Again, this varies based on many factors. Expect to pay several hundred dollars at minimum. A DWI lawyer in Baltimore, MD from the Greenberg Law Offices can be mindful of keeping court fees down as much as possible.
  • Motor vehicle administration (MVA) hearing. More than likely you may want to attend an MVA hearing to contest your license suspension. Otherwise, you may lose your legal right to drive, regardless of whether or not you are convicted on the DWI charges. The MVA charges $125 for the hearing.
  • Ignition interlock device. Upon conviction of a DWI, and based on other factors which can be explained by a DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD offers, you may have to have this device installed in your vehicle. If you refuse, you may lose your driving privileges. Installation cost is about $150 but you may also have to pay monthly fees for the duration at around $50 per month.
  • Increased insurance premiums. A DWI conviction all but guarantees you may pay more every month for car insurance. You also risk getting dropped from your insurance carrier. The increase in premiums may be long term if not permanent. The increase varies among providers but you may notice the difference every month regardless.
  • Legal fees. Though a DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD motorists hire is another cost to consider, it is a good investment. An attorney from our firm can represent your best interests in court and potentially reduce your jail time and court costs. Additionally, your attorney from Greenberg Law Offices can make sure that you do not miss important deadlines that otherwise could result in losing your driving privileges. Your future is at stake from the moment you are pulled over for a DWI. Protect yourself by hiring a respected attorney. Choose a DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD community members trust from the Greenberg Law Offices.

If you are facing a DWI charge, you do have options. In order to have a strong defense case that may lessen your charge or have it dismissed completely, you may want to call a top DWI lawyer Baltimore, MD residents has to offer such as one at the Greenberg Law Offices at (410) 844-4854 today.

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