Post-Conviction Expungement Lawyer Harford, MD

Post-Conviction Expungement Lawyer Harford, MD 

After you have been convicted of a crime, you will want to speak with a post-conviction expungement lawyer Harford, MD relies on from Greenberg Law Offices. Getting your life back can be difficult. If you are hoping to have a clean slate, find a place to live, and get a job, this can be even more complicated if you have a criminal record. The attorneys at Greenberg Law Offices understand the need to start over and to do so you may need to have your record expunged. While not all crimes can be taken off of your record, you may be able to have certain things erased from your record. 

Common Crimes That a Lawyer Can Help Expunge From Your Record

  • Shoplifting
  • Drug Possession
  • Burglary
  • Home Invasion

When can you ask that your record be expunged? 

You will not be able to successfully get your record expunged in every situation, but your criminal lawyer Harford, MD offers will be able to help you. Certain situations where you can get your record expunged are: 

  • The case you were involved in was settled
  • You were not found guilty of the crime you were charged with
  • The person accusing you dropped the charges
  • The charges were dismissed
  • You were arrested but were never charged with a crime

What does it mean to have my record expunged? 

If you want to get your record expunged, it means that a criminal record is not in the public system. So, if you are hoping to get a certain job and are concerned that they will see your history in a background check, a successful expungement means that your background check will turn up clear. If you were convicted for something that is no longer considered to be a criminal act, you should speak with your attorney about having that expunged from your record. Similarly, if you were convicted of a minor crime in Maryland (loitering, drinking alcohol in a public space), you should speak with your attorney about having this expunged from your record after you have gone through the waiting period of three years. 

The Importance of Expunging a Record

If you are eligible for having your record expunged or if you are interested in doing so but do not know where to start, it would be highly beneficial for you to speak with a member of our team and see what we can do for you. We understand that you want to get your life started again and this is a great way to do it. For more information, contact our trusted Harford, Maryland post-conviction expungement lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices today. 

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