Recovering Damages from a DUI Driver after the Loss of a Loved One

Recovering Damages from a DUI Driver after the Loss of a Loved One

Our personal injury lawyer Towson, MD recommends shares that there are a number of dangers when a person drives under the influence. Unfortunately, despite the many public advocacy programs intended to inform drivers about the dangers of driving DUI; many still get behind the wheel while under the influence. The people who are not dissuaded from drinking alcohol or taking drugs prior to driving are all too often responsible for causing injuries and deaths among passengers and other drivers. If your loved one was killed in this way, the driver may be charged with one or more crimes, but that may bring little solace to your family. It will certainly not reimburse you for the damages that may be attributed to your loss. Though the DUI driver’s insurance company may compensate your family, they may not offer much in the way of a settlement. This is where hiring a personal injury lawyer Towson, MD relies on at Greenberg Law Offices can be invaluable. Our legal team can focus on obtaining justice for grieving family members and work towards obtaining a fair settlement from the person responsible for your loss. Get the support you need today from by calling Greenberg Law Offices today.

A Criminal Trial is Not the Same as a Civil Trial

In the U.S. judicial system, criminal trials are reserved for individuals who were arrested for a crime and are tried by a prosecutor in a courtroom. Civil trials are reserved for citizens who wish to obtain financial relief from another individual, a company, or a government agency who significantly harmed them. Our personal injury lawyer Towson, MD depends on shares that, in the example of a DUI driver, that individual may be charged with DUI and tried in a criminal court. In addition, they may be sued in civil court by the family of someone who was killed by the driver’s negligent actions. In other words, the two types of legal actions are not the same, and they are independent of one another.

Before a family can sue someone who should be held responsible for the death of their loved one, the case must meet certain legal standards in order to be considered valid. Our personal injury lawyer Towson, MD knows wills stresses that it’s important to note that a conviction of the DUI charge is not necessary. However, it may be helpful in persuading jury members to recognize the truth of what happened.

Most personal injury lawyers will carefully review a prospective client’s case before committing to representing them. If your family lost a loved one to a negligent driver, contact a personal injury lawyer Towson, Maryland families trust for a consultation. Most lawyers in circumstances like this will not charge for the first consultation.

Compensable Damages

The nature of a family’s damages resulting from the death of their loved one by a driver who was under the influence will vary from one case to the next. Our personal injury lawyer Towson, MD turns to can help you determine which of your damages are compensable by the at-fault driver. Common examples of damages that are recovered by families in the wake of losing a loved one in a DUI accident include:

  • Medical expenses for treating their deceased loved one
  • Funeral expenses
  • Psychological counseling for the survivors
  • Financial support for the survivors

If you have lost a loved one in an accident caused by a DUI motorist, contact Greenberg Law Offices as soon as possible. We will provide you with a personal injury lawyer Towson, MD families are in need of to learn more about your legal options.

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