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A Criminal Lawyer Harford MD Clients Trust Explains 

Search WarrantsIf you are a suspect or person of interest in a crime, you should consider obtaining legal counsel as soon as possible. A criminal lawyer from the Greenberg Law Offices can offer you an extensive knowledge base when it comes to search warrants and criminal defense. With over 100 years of combined legal experience in representing criminal cases in the Hartford MD area, it’s no wonder we have become a highly sought after legal firm.
Search warrants can catch people off guard. To be served a search warrant by law enforcement can certainly produce a significant level of anxiety. The following are common questions clients may have regarding a search warrant.

What does law enforcement need to obtain a search warrant?

In order for law enforcement to search your property, they must first gather enough evidence to give them a reason for doing so. Law enforcement will work to prove to a judge that they have probable cause to search your property. Probable cause gives law enforcement reason to believe that you have been involved in illegal activity. It’s important to be aware that in some situations, law enforcement may not need a search warrant. If you consent to a search of your property or have been arrested for a crime, the police may have the ability to search your property without a warrant.

Does a search warrant mean that I am under arrest?

A search warrant doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be arrested. However, if law enforcement finds incriminating evidence against you during their search, they may arrest you. It will be important prior to allowing any search to occur you first ask to review the warrant. You will want to make sure it contains the following information:

  • A judge’s signature
  • The timeframe in which the warrant can be served
  • Detailed information surrounding what may be searched
  • Information surrounding what evidence law enforcement are searching for

Educating yourself and knowing your rights may be difficult to do on the fly. However, by taking the time to do so or contacting a criminal lawyer immediately, you can help protect yourself from bigger problems down the road.

When should I contact a criminal lawyer?

You may be tempted to save money by not contacting a Hartford MD attorney. It’s serious business to be served with a search warrant. It can be scary to face potential criminal charges. The consequence of a conviction can be fairly steep, even leading to jail time. The earlier you enlist a criminal lawyer’s services, the less likely you may be to make a mistake during an investigation. The last thing you want to do is mistakenly incriminate yourself any further. The sooner you contact a legal professional, the far less damage control they will have to do later on.  

If you have been served a search warrant or your property has been unlawfully searched, you should contact a criminal lawyer Harford MD respects from the Greenberg Law Offices. We may be able to advise you surrounding the best way to handle the legal entanglement you find yourself in. The last thing you will want is to embark upon possible charges without legal representation by your side.

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