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Sex Crimes Lawyer Baltimore, MDIf you were recently charged with sexual assault or other sex crime, we advise speaking with a Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore, MD at Greenberg Law Offices for help. We understand that you probably feel overwhelmed and scared. You are likely thinking about all the harsh penalties you may face and how your life could dramatically change. One of the most important things you can do right now is to hire a reputable lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices to defend you.

Sexual Assault Carries Harsh Penalties
The judicial system doesn’t take sexual assault lightly and imposes harsh penalties on the individuals who commit it. If convicted of sexual assault, you may face prison time, heavy fines, job loss, being placed on the sex offender registry, and a permanent criminal record. Our team has experience handling sexual assault cases and can help you build a strong defense to reduce the number of penalties.

A Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Protect You from Police
If you have been accused of sexual assault, the police will likely want to ask you questions about your case, such as how you knew the victim and why you allegedly did what you did. However, the police are not there to help you and may use whatever you say against you later in court. It is in your best interest to remain silent.  If we believe you should give a statement to the police, it must be done with your lawyer present.

A Sex Crimes Lawyer Knows How to Challenge Evidence
An experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland can take the time to question every piece of evidence the prosecution attempts to use against you. For example, your lawyer will find out if the evidence against you was improperly obtained and try to get it thrown out if it was. Furthermore, we’ve seen a rush to convict people accused of crimes following the #metoo movement. We recognize that being charged does not make you guilty.

A Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Offer Objectivity
When you are dealing with something as serious as a sexual assault charge, it is difficult to think rationally. So many emotions are running through your head and you may have trouble making the right decisions. For example, you may be stressed out that you want to take a plea deal to get it all over with. That is why having a trusted lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices on your side is so important. We can offer objectivity and prevent you from making the wrong choices that will impact your entire life.

A Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore Can Help With Criminal and Civil Cases
Sexual misconduct is a broad term which encompasses any unwanted sexual acts or behaviors. Situations including sexual abuse, sexual assault or sexual harassment are all considered sexual misconduct under the premise that consent was not given, and/or intimidation or coercion was used. Such an offense can be tried in both civil court and criminal court.

In a sexual misconduct conviction, the offender may face serious consequences such as jail time, as well as be subjected to fines and compensation. We can fully review the case against you and provide the best strategy moving forward.

Criminal Prosecution Versus a Civil Lawsuit
When a person is accused of sexual misconduct, they may face criminal prosecution, as well as a civil lawsuit brought by the victim. It’s advisable to consult with a Baltimore, MD Sex Crimes Lawyer right away. In a criminal case, the courts decide whether a defendant (offender) is guilty as well as the charges and punishment they will receive. Because criminal cases are mostly out of the hands of the victims, there is a possibility that an offender won’t get prosecuted for the accused actions.

In such a case, the victim may decide to take action and file a civil lawsuit. Even if the defendant is convicted in criminal court, the victim may still file a civil lawsuit. A lawsuit serves the victim in allowing a sense of justice, even when not served in criminal court.

Criminal Prosecution
In criminal court, the state, as opposed to the victim, brings the case. The offender is tried for the accusations brought against him. Evidence and testimony will be considered in determining whether the defendant is guilty or not. If prosecuted in a criminal case, the defendant will face punishment, and likely hefty fines. A civil suit, however, will likely result in even greater fines.

Civil Lawsuits
In a sexual misconduct case, a victim may have sustained damages not just from the incident, but also from the case itself. A lawsuit attempts to hold the defendant liable for the damages and requires that he or she pay compensation to the victim. Some of the most common damages may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

When a victim files a civil lawsuit in court, he or she contends that they were the victim of sexual misconduct by the defendant named in the lawsuit. Instead of filing a suit for sexual misconduct, however, the victim will actually be filing a lawsuit for torts, or harmful actions, of the defendant that resulted in damages or injuries. The cause of action may include assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress or false imprisonment.

Standard of Proof
As your Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices can explain to you, the standard of proof is considered what is required to convict a person. The standard is much higher in criminal cases, because crimes generally must be proven “beyond reasonable doubt.” This means that no other conclusion can be made except that the defendant committed the crime.

Standard of proof is lower for civil cases, because the punishment is considered less severe, and does not result in charges against the defendant. In order to prove a claim in a civil case, it only needs to be proven that the defendant is more likely than not guilty of the accusations.

Sexual Assault Classifications
Depending on the circumstances and nature of the sexual crime in question, you may have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Though a misdemeanor is less serious than a felony, it is still serious. It’s also important to note that before you are formally tried for the misdemeanor crime, the prosecutor has the option to elevate it to a felony charge.

Very often, it’s the proactive legal defense strategy that is more effective than a reactive one, and so having a respected lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices representing you from the beginning is essential. Having an aggressive legal advocate can make the difference between being charged with a felony or having your case dismissed altogether.

How Our Team Can Make a Difference
Those accused of a crime in the U.S. criminal justice system have the legal right to hire a lawyer. In most cases, the defendant does not qualify to receive free legal services from a public defender, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Public defenders are typically overworked, under-resourced, and cannot provide the same degree of focus on a case as compared to an attorney from a private firm.

At Greenberg Law Offices, we intentionally keep our caseload manageable, choosing selective cases so that when we represent a client, we do so with all of the resources available to us. Here is a short list of the legal services we provide to clients charged with sexual assault:

  • Work toward having your charges dismissed or reduced while negotiating with the prosecutor on your behalf.
  • Offer aggressive representation in your defense, and offering you the guidance and information you need in order to make informed decisions that will affect your future.
  • Build the strongest defense case possible, with diligence and forethought. We will verify crime evidence, collect statements from witnesses, and make every effort to effect a positive outcome in your case.

Contact Greenberg Law Offices Today
At Greenberg Law Offices, we know how nerve-wracking it can be to get charged with sexual assault. A sex crimes lawyer in Baltimore, MD is happy to speak to you about your options in a comfortable and nonjudgmental environment. We encourage you to give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

We can help you determine the right course of action to take and how best to further your interests. We are thorough and committed in our representation of clients, protecting their rights and pursuing justice in every case we handle. If you are currently incarcerated, you can speak with a member of our legal team over the phone. If you have been released on bail, it’s important to contact us before your first scheduled court appearance, if possible.

If you are involved in a sexual misconduct case, you should contact a Maryland Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices immediately.

If you were recently arrested for supposedly harming or sexually assaulting your soon-to-be ex-spouse, then it’s time to get legal help from a Maryland Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices. It probably goes without saying that tensions and emotions tend to be running high as two people are going through a divorce. Arguments may arise, lies may be told, and tensions can continue to grow.

Tragically, one spouse may stoop so low that they actually accuse the other of violence or sexual assault when it didn’t really happen. These false accusations can ruin a person’s life and reputation, along with causing the divorce to become even more turbulent. 

Evaluating The Report and Evidence

After obtaining legal representation, your MD Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore can talk you through the process of handling a sexual assault accusation. Firstly, we will need to know as much information about what happened as possible. During your appointment, it is important that you bring forward any and all evidence pertaining to the incident. For example, we can benefit from:

  • Hearing a recording of the 911 call that you or your ex made
  • Speaking with loved ones to can attest to your good character
  • Reviewing medical documentation if your spouse went to the doctor
  • Understanding the emotional/mental state of your ex-spouse 
  • Reading the police report of the incident
  • Photographs or video recording related to the incident in question
  • Evaluating clothing items that were worn during the supposed incident 
  • Whether the home shows signs of struggle 
  • Whether your ex claims you used a weapon against them

Based on this information, we can decide whether the sexual assault and violence charges against you are considered minor or major. We will also need to know if you had said anything to an officer or your ex that could potentially incriminate you. During the initial appointment with a Baltimore, MD Sex Crimes Lawyer at Greenberg Law Offices, transparency is essential. If you can be completely forthcoming, it can make all the difference in your case.

Potential Defenses for Sexual Assault

A Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland understands that divorce can cause people to do and say things that aren’t true. Your ex could be motivated to create a false story about you as a way to get ahead in the divorce case or just to seek revenge. While this is not a complete list of possible defenses, here are just a couple examples of defense strategies that we may use: 


  • You didn’t do the crime. We will try to gather evidence in support of the claim that you just didn’t do the crime. Perhaps you weren’t there at the location that your spouse claims you were. We can show evidence that you were somewhere else entirely when the supposed sexual assault incident happened.
  • Your spouse fabricated the story. If your spouse has a history or lying or a mental disorder that causes them to make up events that never happened, then you must inform your lawyer. We can try to show how your ex is mentally unstable which led to them making the entire story up. In addition to this defense, it can be very influential to have a strong alibi.  


We can imagine how scary it can be to be accused of sexual assault. If you are currently in such a predicament then we suggest contacting a Sex Crimes Lawyer in Baltimore at Greenberg Law Offices right away. 

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