Sex Crimes Lawyer Baltimore MD

Why You Should Hire a Sex Crimes Lawyer Baltimore MD Trusts

Sex Crimes Lawyer Baltimore MD

If you were recently charged with sexual assault or other sex crimes, you probably feel overwhelmed and scared right now. You’re thinking about all the harsh penalties you face and how your life could dramatically change. One of the most important things you can do right now is hire a reputable sex crimes lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices to defend you.

Here are some reasons why you should work with a Baltimore MD sex crimes lawyer.

Sexual Assault Carries Harsh Penalties

The judicial system doesn’t take sexual assault lightly and imposes harsh penalties on the individuals who commit it. If convicted of sexual assault, you may face prison time, heavy fines, job loss, being placed on the sex offender registry, and a permanent criminal record. A sex crimes lawyer who has experience handling sexual assault cases may help you build a strong defense and reduce the number of penalties you have to face.

A Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Protect You from Police

If you have been accused of sexual assault, the police will likely want to ask you questions about your case, such as how you knew the victim and why you allegedly did what you did. However, the police are not there to help you and may use whatever you say against you later in court. It is in your best interest to remain silent.  If we believe you should give a statement to the police, it will done with your lawyer present.

A Sex Crimes Lawyer Knows How to Challenge Evidence

An experienced sex crimes lawyer will take the time to question every piece of evidence the prosecution attempts to use against you. For example, your lawyer will find out if the evidence against your was improperly obtained and try to get it thrown out if it was.  Further, we’ve seen a rush to convict people accused of crimes following the #metoo movement.  We recognize that being charge does not make you guilty.

A Sex Crimes Lawyer Can Offer Objectivity

When you are dealing with something as serious as a sexual assault charge, it is difficult to think rationally. So many emotions are running through your head and you may have trouble making the right decisions. For example, you may be stressed out that you want to take a plea deal to get it all over with. That is why having a trusted sex crimes lawyer on your side is so important. He or she can offer objectivity and prevent you from making the wrong choices that will impact your entire life.

Many Sex Crimes Lawyers Offer Free Consultations

Because the majority of sex crimes lawyers in Baltimore MD provide free consultations, there is no harm in speaking to one about your case. During your meeting, we assess the details in your case and talk to you about your options. Afterward, you will know a little bit more about your case and the next steps you have to take.

At Greenberg Law Offices, we know how nerve-wracking it can be to get charged with sexual assault. A sex crimes lawyer Baltimore MD clients recommend will be happy to speak to you about your options in a comfortable and nonjudgmental environment. We encourage you to give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.


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