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Getting a driver’s license can mean a lot of new freedom for a teenager. Teen drivers have a lot of independence and don’t have to worry about being driven around by their parents. The law requires that teen drivers must always be safe and act responsibly when they are behind the wheel. Teen motorists are held to the same standards as other drivers and must always obey the rules of the road when driving. This means that teen drivers owe a “duty of care” to others on the road. A top-rated car accident lawyer explains that If a teenage driver is reckless and causes a car accident that injures someone, the teenager or their parents may be held liable for damages from the accident.

Causes of Teen Car Accidents

Teenage drivers have a higher likelihood of being involved in a car accident than adult drivers. Teen drivers are especially at risk for causing car accidents because of their inexperience on the road and lack of experience as drivers. Teen drivers are more likely to speed on the road and get distracted from driving than adults are. Night driving and driving with several passengers in the car can also cause teen drivers to have car accidents. Another common cause of teen car accidents is texting while driving. This is commonly called distracted driving. Texting while driving takes a teen driver’s focus off the road and can stop a teen driver from being able to react quickly and to recognize road hazards. One of the most common causes of teen car accidents is drunk driving. 

Liability and Teen Car Accidents

In most cases where a teen driver causes an accident that injures another person, the teen is covered by their parents’ insurance policy and the insurance company will pay for the damages caused by the accident. There are several legal theories under which a teen driver’s parents may be held liable for damages caused by the teenager in a car accident. The first of these is called the “family car” doctrine. Under this doctrine, parents can be liable for a car accident that their child causes based on the fact that since they own the vehicle, they are responsible for the acts of the teenager while he or she is driving the parent’s car. Another form of liability is called “vicarious liability.” Under this doctrine, a parent can be held liable for a car crash if they are exercising control over a teen driver’s use of their car. An example of this is if the parent sends the teen on an errand and the teen causes a car accident. Another form of liability is called “negligent entrustment.” This type of parental liability applies in cases where the parent knows their child is likely to cause a car accident and lets them drive anyway. If a teenager has a history of driving violations or has a history of drug or alcohol abuse and causes a car accident, their parents can be held liable for damages under this theory. 

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