Things not to tell your car insurance company after an accident

Things not to tell your car insurance company after an accident

Imagine this: you are involved in a car accident. Once you leave the scene, it is only a matter of time until you are discussing what happened with your insurance company.

It goes without saying that you should avoid lying to your insurance company. If you do this, it is considered fraud and could land you in hot water.

It is easy to say the wrong things when describing what happened in a motor vehicle accident. This is why you should think before you speak, as one mistake could cause you a lot of trouble.

Here are a few things you should never say to your car insurance company after an accident:

— “It was my fault.” Even if you feel you were at fault, you should never say this. Let your insurance company do the work on your behalf. They will investigate to determine how much blame should be placed on you.

— Don’t share your opinion. Since it is difficult to share information that is absolutely accurate, you may speak out of turn. Keep your opinion to yourself. It is not needed.

— Self diagnosing injuries. If you were injured in the accident, make sure you are treated immediately. Keep track of all results and medical bills. This allows you to share accurate information with your insurance company, as opposed to a self diagnosis.

These are the types of things you should never tell your car insurance company after an accident. You should stick to the facts, as this increases your chance of receiving the compensation you deserve while avoiding fault.

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