Understanding Sex Crime Charges

Understanding Sex Crime Charges

Our sex crimes lawyer Baltimore trusts knows that being accused of committing any form of a sexual offense can cause an enormous amount of stress. For many people, the experience is disorientating, confusing, and one rife with emotions. As a sex crimes lawyer Baltimore men and women trust, we know that most sex crimes involve “he said, she said” statements in which the alleged victims and offenders provide conflicting accounts of what happened at the alleged crime scene. There might also be conflicting accounts about the time and place of the alleged crime and other important details. In addition to this, a person’s willingness to assist police often impacts whether charges will be filed against the alleged offender. 

In most states, including Maryland, an alleged offender of a sex crime must be prosecuted within a period of time. If the prosecutor fails to file charges within that time period, the state may give up their right to proceed with a case. It is very important that only the prosecutor can choose to drop the charges against the accused, not the alleged victim. 

If you believe you are going to be charged with a sex crime, or already have, it is prudent you call a sex crimes lawyer in Baltimore as soon as possible. You can assume the prosecutor is building a case against you. The sooner you have a lawyer start to build your own case that represents your defense, the better. 

Lawyer for Sex Crimes in Baltimore, Maryland

As one of the top lawyers for sexual offenses in Baltimore, Maryland, we know that a number of people who are accused will be found guilty because they talked with investigators without a lawyer present. If you are being accused of committing any sexual offense in Baltimore, you should not say anything without a lawyer present. You can call Greenberg Law Offices right away. Our sex crimes lawyers in Baltimore may be able to protect your rights, ensure nothing out of the ordinary is said, and help you to get a favorable outcome. We represent clients in and around Baltimore. Please call us now for a case review. 

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