What Are Birth Injuries?

What Are Birth Injuries?

A birth injury can actually come at a few different points during the process of giving birth: immediately before, during, and immediately after birth. Further, a birth injury can range from mild to severe, and it may only be bruising from incorrectly using medical tools or it could be lifelong damage, such as Erb’s Palsy. When you bring your case to us, it is important to have a list of all the symptoms your child is showing so we can understand the severity of their birth injury. This will help Greenberg Law Offices determine what kind of compensation we will be asking for when we present your claim.

What causes a birth injury?

There are many things that can cause a birth injury, however, one cause is incorrect medical care. When your medical care provider is negligent in some way and causes a birth injury, you have every right to bring your case to our birth injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD to see what kind of legal claim we can make. A birth injury caused by a medical professional is something that could have been avoided if they had not been negligent. For example, if your doctor incorrectly used certain tools during the delivery of your child—the forceps and vacuum—it could leave your child injured, though not necessarily with a permanent injury. On the other hand, if your doctor failed to use the necessary means to deliver your child when they were in fetal distress and they did not have the oxygen they needed, they could suffer from lifelong injuries.

What are the signs of a birth injury?

Not all signs of a birth injury are present at birth. However, your medical care provider should be on the lookout for signs so that they can immediately take care of your child’s needs. Some of the most common signs to look out for are:

  •      Seizures
  •      Head Swelling
  •      Bruising
  •      Uncommon Head Indentations
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