What are the Repercussions of a DUI?

What are the Repercussions of a DUI?

The repercussions of a DUI conviction are very serious. Regardless of whether or not you have a clean criminal record, you could face exorbitant fines, time in jail, or even lose your license. In order to mitigate the consequences, it’s a good idea to retain an experienced attorney for their expertise. A DUI conviction could not only have serious consequences for you but could also impact those around you.

You Could Hurt or Kill Another Person

  • There could be serious ramifications of drinking and driving that impact others. You risk injuring or killing someone as a result.
  • This could result in further legal ramifications if the victim’s family decids to hire an attorney and bring you to court.
  • You could be ordered to pay financial damages to the family if you are found guilty of negligence.

Criminal Record

  • If convicted, the DUI will permanently be on your record.
    • It is common for a landlord to run background checks on potential tenants. With a criminal history it may be difficult to get approval from a landlord to be a tenant in an apartment.
    • A DUI conviction could prevent you from attaining employment if you are looking for a job. Most employers do not like to hire people with a criminal history.
    • At times, jobs require employees to drive a vehicle. A potential employer may choose not to hire you or be unable to hire you if you have a record.

May Have to Pay Large Fines

  • You will have to pay considerable fines if you receive a DUI conviction.
  • If it is your first offense you may be ordered to pay as much as $500 or even more by the courts.
  • Higher fines may be required in the event that this is not your first DUI.
  • A fee may be required if you qualify for a work release program,

Serving Jail Time

  • Jail time may be ordered if you are convicted of a DUI.
  • It is highly likely that you will spend time in jail if you have had a DUI before.
  • If you injured or killed someone, while under the influence and were convicted, you could be sentenced to spend a long time in jail.
  • As a result of spending time in jail, you are away from your family and may even lose your job.

A skilled lawyer should be consulted with immediately if you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence. An attorney specializing in DUIs, may be able to get a plea bargain in your favor, even if there is a lot of information that supports a DUI conviction. Contact a distinguished attorney to schedule a consultation as they do not often charge for the initial meeting.

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