What is Considered a Cybercrime?

Criminal Defense Lawyer Baltimore, MD Criminal Defense Lawyer Baltimore, MD 

While in this day and age, the term ‘cybercrime’ has been used exclusively to refer to crimes of a sexual nature that utilize the internet, this is, in fact, too narrow an interpretation of the term. A cybercrime is any criminal act that is committed using the internet – as such, the bailiwick of the state’s computer fraud laws is vast. If a person is charged with a cybercrime, it is important to understand that the charge is much more serious than it may appear.

Cybercrimes Run the Gamut

While sex-related crimes that use the internet do fall under the aegis of cybercrimes, so do financial crimes and those that simply use computers for unauthorized purposes. Some examples of cybercrimes from all three categories include possession or trafficking in child pornography, internet piracy, hacking, solicitation of a prostitute, engaging in prostitution, money laundering, and human trafficking or smuggling.

As a criminal defense lawyer can explain, the sentences for such crimes, with certain exceptions, will also generally run the gamut, if only because each case is particularly individualized. Some offenses will fall under a state’s computer fraud statute, such as hacking or identity theft. Others will fall under different areas of the law. As such, punishments may run from fines and short jail terms for misdemeanors, up to 10 to 20 years for serious class felonies. Be advised that in Baltimore, MD, very little leniency is shown to offenders of this type, even for first offenses.

Internet Sex Crimes

As one might imagine, internet sex crimes are viewed extremely seriously by law enforcement and the judiciary because of the potential harm to society at large. If one is charged with a sex crime, such as prostitution or human trafficking, more often than not it will result in mandatory jail time, along with assorted fines and court costs. Maryland takes its obligation to act in the best interests of children as a duty and this includes protecting and safeguarding children from potential exploitation.

Sentences for internet sex crimes are, as a general rule, severe. Asserting a valid defense is crucial if one is truly innocent of the crime for which they are accused, as not only does a sentence for such a crime take up years of life and thousands of dollars, it will also remain on one’s record, and may give rise to additional assessments and charges. For example, some state laws require that anyone convicted of a second child pornography offense within 10 years of the first conviction be subject to psychiatric evaluation, which may lead to further treatment and even, in extreme situations, involuntary commitment or a total ban on internet usage for a foreseeable term.

Seek an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a cybercrime can create serious problems in all areas of a person’s life. The Greenberg Law Offices has experience in defending people accused of these crimes and will work hard toward a fair outcome for all involved in each case. Contact a criminal defense lawyer Baltimore, MD clients respect today to schedule a consultation.

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