What To Do About An Injury That Is Someone Else’s Fault

What To Do About An Injury That Is Someone Else’s Fault

Sometimes we get hurt, that’s just a fact of life. But when a serious injury is sustained and someone was responsible for the accident happening, then it becomes a different story. An everyday person quickly becomes a victim in a personal injury case when another chooses to act without regard for others, causes an accident, and then people suffer because of it. Victims have the right to find out if they are eligible for compensation from the party at-fault and file a lawsuit as recommended by their representative legal team.

There are many examples of ways that people get injured that may warrant taking legal action, such as:

Motor Vehicle Accident

A car wreck, motorcycle accident, or other vehicle collision is usually due to the fault of at least one driver. Anyone who rides in a car on a regular basis has probably seen the way that drivers may speed recklessly, change lanes with abandon, tailgate with impatience, and so much more. Unfortunately, victims of car accidents may not only endure physical harm and financial hardship, but they may get taken advantage of by insurance companies as well. All too often victims accept settlements that are too low even to cover the bare minimum of their total losses, because they don’t realize they can negotiate for a higher offer.

Medical Malpractice

We want to trust that doctors have our best interest in mind, but there are times when they fall short. Patients become victims if they were seriously injured or became ill due to a doctor’s oversight or negligence. Doctors are held to certain expectations within the medical community, and if they waver from these standards, then they may be liable for the patient’s injuries. The primary factors that must be proven in a medical malpractice lawsuit include:

  • The doctor owed a duty of care to the patient
  • The doctor broke his or her duty by providing sub-par medical care
  • The patient was injured which can be calculated in quantifiable damages

Slip and Fall

While shopping at a grocery store or visiting a different property, was there loose debris that wasn’t properly picked up? Was there a wet floor you slipped on because the ceiling was cracked and had a leak? Did a stairwell lack proper railings to hold onto or have broken steps? These are questions to ask yourself if you happen to slip and fall while going about your day. Despite feeling potentially embarrassed about having taken a hard fall, remember that the body can sustain serious injury by making sudden and forced contact with the ground or other object. The situation is not a laughing matter if someone is hurt. 

Other accidents categorized under personal injury law are dog bites, workplace accidents, product liability, bike accidents, pedestrian accidents, birth injury, wrongful death, and more. When accidents are due to another’s fault, as a personal Injury lawyer from Presser Law, P.A. can attest, victims have the right to pursue financial restitution for all the ways they have suffered. 

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