Whiplash injuries in Maryland car accidents

Whiplash injuries in Maryland car accidents

A whiplash injury may result from any sort of car accident. No matter how severe the impact may have been, the sudden shock that comes with an automobile wreck can cause the head and neck to jolt around. This can be very harmful to the neck, spine and head.

The specific damage from whiplash injuries manifests in many different areas. For example, ligament strain tends to occur along the facet joints of the back of the spine. Discs between the vertebrae are subjected to undue levels of stress, compressing them and sometimes causing them to herniate. The tissues that hold the spine in shape and allow freedom of motion in the neck may be sprained, pulled or even torn.

Symptoms of whiplash generally do not present themselves until two to 48 hours after an accident. A short list of the various effects that have been known to result from whiplash might include blurriness of vision, serious pain in the head or base of the skull, vertigo, issues with balance, nausea and a dull, aching pain in the neck. These symptoms will often respond to treatment and may reasonably be expected to clear up within a few weeks. However, it is not unknown for the effects of a whiplash injury to persist for a longer period or become permanent.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that results from a car accident, and the economic hardships that may result from such damage can be a heavy burden to bear. It may be helpful to consult a lawyer about ways that other people who contributed to the whiplash-causing injury can be held accountable. A civil suit for personal injury may be an appropriate tool to help distribute the costs of a serious injury more fairly.

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