Why You Need a Lawyer for a DUI Charge

Why You Need a Lawyer for a DUI Charge

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You and your friends are out late one night celebrating. You have a few drinks and believe that you are completely fine to be driving. However, you make the wrong decision and get behind the wheel of your car while intoxicated. You’re pulled over by the police, given a field sobriety test and Breathalyzer test, and are arrested for driving under the influence. It’s your first offense and you have no idea what the next steps are in this type of situation. The good news is that there are defense lawyers who are here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss why you need a lawyer for if you are facing a DUI charge.

First-Time Offense Penalties

Just because it’s your first offense, doesn’t mean you won’t be facing high penalties. In some states, they require first-time offenders to serve at least a few days in jail due to the seriousness of a DUI charge. Other common penalties include losing your license, court-ordered rehabilitation programs, fines ranging from $500-$2,000, and prison time. If it truly is your first offense and there are not any aggravating circumstances associated with the charge, then a defense lawyer can help you negotiate the minimum penalty for your state. However, if your charge has aggravating circumstances (i.e. high blood alcohol content, excessive speeding, or someone was injured as a result), then you could be facing steeper penalties and may need to take your case to court.

How a lawyer can help

If you do not have a prior criminal record, experiencing a DUI charge can be very overwhelming and scary. Dealing with the fines, the paperwork, the prosecution, and potential penalties can be very stressful. A good lawyer will help you navigate this unfamiliar process. They will help you create a defense if you choose or they will work with the prosecution to negotiate a deal.  If you decide to take the case to trial, they will work to gather evidence, witness statements, and any other documentation needed to have a successful trial. They will give you legal advice, work with you on your testimony, and answer any questions you have about the process.

A good lawyer understands the legal system. They’ve worked dozens of cases and know the ins and outs of a DUI charge. They also understand the prosecution and know how to negotiate with them. The biggest benefit of having a lawyer on your team when facing a DUI charge is knowing that you have an expert working on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about the little details that come with the case because you know your lawyer is taking care of it. You know they will work to get you the best outcome possible for your case. And when it’s your first time dealing with the legal system, that is very comforting.

If you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge (whether it’s their first one or not), please reach out to a criminal defense attorney San Francisco, CA trusts. They are experts in their fields and will work with you and the prosecution to get the best result.  

Thank you to our friends and contributors at the Morales Law Firm for their insight into DUI charges and the benefits of hiring a an experienced attorney.

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