Why You Need a Lawyer To Protect You After a Personal Injury Accident

Why You Need a Lawyer To Protect You After a Personal Injury Accident

If you are asking yourself whether it’s time to call a personal injury lawyer, then chances are it’s probably a good idea. Many people don’t realize the extent of their options in pursuing compensation after a personal injury accident, especially when someone else was responsible. One of the best things you can do for yourself in the aftermath of an accident is have legal representation to protect you along the way.

Your own insurance company may disappoint you. 

For some reason, our own insurance company seems quite supportive up until we actually have an accident. Unfortunately, your insurance agent is also going to be worried about how much your accident is going to cost them, so they may not be entirely on your side as you may have thought. 

Insurance adjusters are only out to hinder your claim.

If an insurance adjuster contacts you in the days after the accident, do not speak with them. They are likely going to pressure you into making a statement so they can minimize or deny your claim. Even simple statements such as “I am feeling okay” or “my day is going well” in casual conversation with them may be misconstrued against you as if your injuries are not affecting you badly. Trust that your lawyer can handle these conversations so that you aren’t taken advantage of. 

The at-fault party may attempt to blame you.

Even if it’s obvious that the other person was at-fault for what happened, they could try to pin it on you instead. Sadly, many people don’t view the world with a moral compass, and may use sneaky tactics in hopes you take the fall for it. Your lawyer can protect you from this.

Medical facilities don’t care who pays the bills.

If you needed medical attention after the accident, then the facility you received treatment from is going to put pressure on you to pay bills immediately. They may not have empathy for the fact that you were just in a personal injury accident where another was responsible, as long as they are getting their bills paid that’s all they’ll care about. Having a lawyer means you have to advocate for yourself and see to it that you are paid back for your bills, damages, and losses. 

If you need further assistance, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer, like one from Therman Law Offices, LTD, as soon as possible. 


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