Woman fined for accident caused by driving while texting

Woman fined for accident caused by driving while texting

While there are many benefits of the technology available in today’s landscape, there are times when this can lead to more harm than good, such as when somebody decides to text and drive. According to local prosecutors, a 21-year-old woman who was charged with driving while texting has been fined $500 related to an accident that killed the driver of a motorcycle.

The woman, a resident of Severn, pleaded guilty to negligent driving. The accident occurred on March 10, 2013, and the end result was the death of a 30-year-old man from Virginia.

The Anne Arundel County state’s attorney office said that the investigation turned up conflicting evidence, which led to the woman entering a plea and paying a $500 fine for her part in the accident.

It is believed that the woman was attempting to cross over Route 3 in her vehicle when she drove in front of the motorcycle, which led to the accident.

The roadways throughout the country are extremely dangerous without people who are driving while texting. When you add a distracted driver to the mix, the chance of an accident is much greater.

In this case, a young woman was texting while driving, which allegedly led her to drive into the path of a motorcyclist. As a result of this action, the driver of the motorcycle was killed and the woman was charged with causing the accident. After approximately one year of waiting, the case finally came to an end with the woman entering a plea and paying a $500 fine.

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