Some workplace accidents are preventable

Some workplace accidents are preventable

Every worker in every company, regardless of industry, realizes there is a chance they could be injured on the job. While some careers are more dangerous than others, such as those in construction, even office workers can be injured if they are not careful of what they are doing.

A workplace accident is never planned. This is why it is called an accident. Even so, there are ways that such accidents can be prevented.

The National Safety Council has shared a variety of information on preventable workplace incidents. Here are some to be aware of:

— Repetitive motion injuries. This can include even the most basic of tasks, such as excessive use of a computer or typing. Repetitive motion can cause everything from muscle strains to back pain.

— Machine entanglement. This occurs when a worker, such as in a factory setting, is caught up in machinery. This can be caused by loose clothing and other articles, such as jewelry, hanging from the body.

— Falling object injuries. While this type of accident can cause many injuries, the most common is a head injury, such as a concussion or laceration.

These workplace accidents, among others, are preventable. For example, repetitive motion injuries can be prevented by taking the appropriate number of breaks throughout the day.

Employers and employees alike should be familiar with every potential workplace accident and injury, as well as the ways these can be prevented. This helps keep people safe, while also avoiding the need for the injured party to collect workers’ compensation benefits during their recovery.

Source: National Safety Council, “Top 10 Preventable Workplace Incidents,” accessed May. 20, 2015

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