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Assault Defense Lawyer - Harford, MD

In most criminal contexts, assault and battery are charges that are imposed in pairs, as an experienced assault defense attorney from Harford, MD can explain. When an individual is charged with one of these offenses, he or she also tends to be charged with the other. However, there are times when these charges are handed down individually. It is therefore important to understand their similarities and connections as well as their differences, especially if you or someone you care about is facing charges of assault and/or battery. For more details about how these charges are differentiated, it may be beneficial to make a consultation with a qualified lawyer in this practice, such as one from Greenberg Law Offices. 

If you have been charged with assault or battery, you should take swift action as these are serious charges that should not be taken lightly..After learning about the basics of these charges, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with a Harford, Maryland assault defense lawyer in order to clarify answers to any remaining questions you may have. Assault and/or battery convictions may result in serious consequences, so it is important to seek legal guidance as soon as you suspect that you may benefit from this resource.

Defining Assault and Battery

Most of the time, assault is defined as a threat to injure another individual, whereas a battery is the act of actually harming another through an act of physical violence. These definitions are basic and should be discussed in more detail with a Harford, MD assault defense lawyer if you or a loved one has been charged with one or both offenses. The nuanced ways that courts treat these terms may affect an individual’s criminal defense strategy for a number of reasons.

The reason why these offenses are so often paired is that they are usually connected in a practical way. For example, if an individual is involved in a bar fight and rears his fist back to punch another patron, this is considered assault. If the punch is thrown and connects with the other patron, a battery occurs. If the punch is blocked, the individual may only be charged with assault. If the punch is successful but the victim does not see the punch coming, the individual may only be charged with battery. You can see why it makes sense to consult with a Harford, MD assault defense lawyer about the details of any given assault and/or battery case. A skilled lawyer has the knowledge to decide the best approach in a case with legal intricacies and high stakes. Since minute details determine whether one or both charges are applied, it’s significant that you relate an encounter to your lawyer accurately. Each moment in the timeline of an encounter will be broken down to determine how each contact occurred. Missing crucial details can lead to one charge being imposed over the other. The details of an encounter will certainly inform the charges imposed and the defense strategy ultimately constructed. 

An assault or battery conviction on one’s record can result in long-lasting consequences well after the incident under scrutiny. Even brief fights can quickly escalate into complicated legal troubles you don’t want to get caught in. Assaults can be charged as an assault or felony, depending on the factors of a case. For example, if firearms were involved, that detail could cause a prosecutor to elevate the charge to a felony. Other factors, such as prior charges or convictions, can affect the severity of a charge. Considering the complexities involved in an assault or battery charge, it’s recommended that accused individuals contact a lawyer early to determine an appropriate defense strategy.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about assault and battery specifically or criminal charges generally, please consider connecting with a Harford, MD assault defense lawyer as soon as you possibly can. They are willing to get you the guidance you need to be prepared for your case, and the consultation is free. When it comes to criminal law, asking questions and voicing concerns as early as they occur to you can mean the difference between severe criminal consequences and a benign situation. If you have concerns you want to express, don’t hesitate to address them. Before meeting with an attorney, it may help to come with a list of questions. The earlier you take action, the more help a lawyer may be able to provide you with. The following are some examples of questions you may have:

  • What are my rights?
  • How is assault and battery determined?
  • What factors make the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony charge? 
  • How can an assault or battery conviction affect my record? 

A qualified defense attorney will be able to give you a detailed answer for these questions. Facing these charges can cause you to feel overwhelmed, but a trusted lawyer by your side will consider different strategies carefully to build your defense.

Not all criminal laws are obvious and not every criminal charge requires an unlawful intention. It takes a lawyer with years of experience to become familiar with the nuances in criminal laws. It is therefore important to stay informed about your rights, responsibilities under the law and legal options. If you have been charged with assault or battery, there are steps you can take so that the situation can be resolved in a fair and just way. However, if you decide to take action at a later time, your options for a good defense strategy may be limited. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the help you need so that you can get started on a solid defense strategy. Too often, individuals only consult with Harford, MD assault defense lawyers when they have already been arrested. An assault or battery charge doesn’t automatically result in a conviction. Depending on the details examined in a case, charges may be adjusted. Working with an attorney proactively can help to keep a potentially consequential situation from escalating. If you have questions about assault, battery or other criminal matters, please consider connecting with Greenberg Law Offices at your earliest possible convenience.

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