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Family Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Whether you are getting a divorce from your spouse, adopting a child, or dividing property after a separation, you may benefit from having a family lawyer Baltimore, MD offers on your side. Greenberg Law Offices is a highly skilled, approachable law firm that has received successful results for decades. With our experience and zealous drive, we are ready to take on even the most complex cases associated with family law. To schedule a consultation with a Baltimore family lawyer, please call Greenberg Law Offices today.

Understanding Family Law

Every family law case is inherently unique and may be comprised of various factors and circumstances that require the meticulous attention of a lawyer. Family law covers a broad legal spectrum which includes claims that are heard by the Maryland family court. Examples of family law include:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Annulments
  • Domestic partnerships
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Alimony and spousal support
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Rights and obligations during marriage
  • Property and debt distribution
  • Spousal maintenance or alimony
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Modification and enforcement of court orders
  • and more

If you’re unsure about whether or not you could use a family lawyer in Baltimore, MD, please call Greenberg Law Offices.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Complicated Cases

More often than not, legal matters involving family law are complex and involve high value asset distribution, feuding, taxation, a child’s well being, or concealment of assets. A Baltimore family lawyer might expect these complications and work with you to resolve them as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Times When a Family Lawyer Baltimore, MD Respects Might be Advantageous

Technically speaking, you can legally manage a family law case without a lawyer. However, this is generally not advisable unless you have some knowledge of the legal statues. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, you should have a lawyer on your side:

  • Are there any children or minors involved?
  • Do you expect significant physical or financial asset distribution?
  • Has your spouse or significant other retained a lawyer?
  • Is violence or abuse an issue?
  • Is there any current or anticipated feuding?

Family law is complex and associated matters can have a direct, long lasting impact on your life and the lives of your children. It is advisable to have a lawyer on your side to avoid delays, complications, and further stress.

Contacting Greenberg Law Offices

Greenberg Law offices understand the trials and tribulations you may be going through and we are ready to offer our assistance. Regardless of whether or not you may actually need a lawyer, you can speak to one during a free and confidential consultation. To schedule an appointment with a family lawyer Baltimore, MD has to offer at your earliest convenience, please call Greenberg Law Offices today!

A Family Firm for your Family Law Needs

Many people believe that divorce law and family law are in the same team, but a trusted family lawyer in Baltimore, MD knows this assumption is incorrect. Divorce law is one area within Family law and because of its demand attorneys can focus and become experts in Divorce law. Family law however is more than just divorce. It is tricky to find an attorneys that knows all aspects of family law because it involves many issues and laws that exists under the family law. It is why if you’re looking for a family lawyer serving Baltimore, MD, like Greenberg Law Offices We have experts attorneys  in many types of family law each one with their specific expertise. At Greenberg Law Offices, we have attorneys that focus on the following matters:

  • Marriage law. This can also include law surrounding getting married, prenuptial agreements and the handling of money and property.
  • Child Custody. One of the most grueling process of divorce is determining custody. We have experienced attorneys that can help you with custody settlements or problems.
  • Child support. If you are having problems receiving child support or figuring out if you are overpaying. Ou lawyers can help you get what’s fair.
  • Adoption. We can help you navigate the law around the adoption system and help you with different types of adoption.
  • Emancipation of Minors. Or experts can go through the process of emancipation law.
  • Domestic violence. Our attorneys at Greenberg Law Offices are ready to fight for you. We can help you stop domestic violence and help you through your case.
  • Child abuse.  We can help you protect your children. Greenberg Law Offices believes that every child deserves a good childhood.
  • Foster Care. Our family lawyers in Baltimore, MD have the extensive knowledge to help you navigate the system and help you with issues facing foster children.

We welcome all clients through the door. We help all types of family make ups, including same sex marriage families.

When you are represented by Greenberg Law Offices you will be represented by an experienced and welcoming Baltimore, MD family lawyer. We recognize that family law is a complex system so we count with a full staff of experts to provide additional support. When dealing with family law it can include other areas of law like finance law, real estate law, business law and even criminal law involving domestic violence. Greenberg Law Offices could provide you with the resource that no other small firm could offer you. Everything is in house!

Enlist the help of a family lawyer from one of the top firms in Baltimore, MD.  Come to a firm that has reputable experience, somewhere where you be treated like family.  Contact Greenberg Law Offices today and tell an experienced Baltimore, MD family lawyer about your situation. We are hear to listen, you do not have to feel obligated.

Many people believe that hiring a family lawyer in MD is only for the rich and famous. While it is true that having legal representation on your side can save you time, money, and stress, anyone can benefit from having a professional on their side to take care of the things that you might not have time for.

What is a Family Lawyer?

A family lawyer MD from the Greenberg Law Offices is a lawyer that specializes in family law. Family law is a broad legal practice area that covers domestic relations and family matters such as marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, adoptions, paternity, guardianships, domestic abuse, surrogacy, child custody, child abduction, and visitation rights. Divorce and child custody cases are the most common types of cases handled by family lawyers.

Many people think that hiring a family lawyer is expensive and unnecessary, but this is not the case. By hiring a family lawyer, you can avoid costly mistakes and delays in the legal process.

With so many different types of lawyers out there, it’s easy to get confused about your options. Let’s explore some common reasons why people hire family law lawyers:


Divorces are one of the most common reasons people hire a family lawyer MD from the Greenberg Law Offices. This is because divorces are a difficult process to go through alone and perhaps even more so when children are involved. Whether you need help with child custody or spousal support, you may want to consider hiring an attorney who specializes in family law.

Child Support And Custody

If you are going through a divorce or separation, then chances are good that you will need help with child support and custody arrangements as well. Child support laws can be complicated and vary by state, making it even more difficult for someone who does not have legal training to navigate them successfully without an attorney’s guidance.


Adopting a child is an exciting time in your life. It can also be extremely stressful. You want to adopt a child as quickly as possible so that you can begin life with them, but the adoption process can be long and tedious. A family lawyer MD from the Greenberg Law Offices who specializes in adoption law knows what it takes to expedite the paperwork, and they will make sure everything is filed correctly so that your adoption goes through without any issues.

Some Common Reasons Why People Hire Family Law Lawyers Infographic

some common reasons why people hire family law lawyers

What Situations Can Affect Child Support Payments?

One of the situations that can change whether your spouse continues to pay the same amount of child support is if you begin living with someone else. The reason is that if your partner begins buying you and your child clothes, food, and provides you with shelter, your ex-spouse could see this as an opportunity to petition the court to change their child support obligation. This would likely mean they are petitioning the court to lower how much they pay you monthly. In doing so, our family law firm based in Baltimore, Maryland will tell you that your ex-spouse will need to show that your new partner is capable of and currently covering the cost of some of the child’s expenses. By proving this, they can show that your income is then freed up. If they successfully show this, a court may determine that you have more income coming from this new resource and thus reduce your ex-spouse’s child support payments. 

Is there a way to avoid this?

Our Baltimore, Maryland family law firm shares that one of the easiest ways to avoid this is by signing an agreement with your new partner that shows the property and their earnings are totally separate from yours. If you have this document in place, a court may not change the child support payment amount.

What happens if you do not pay child support payments?

If you choose not to pay your child support payments, the law considers this a crime. Every state has some type of law that says it is a crime not to pay your child support payments. If you do not make your monthly payments, a court can put you in jail for a certain period of time as a punishment or even garnish your wages. When this happens, Baltimore, Maryland family law firms caution you that a court will make sure that a certain amount of money is taken directly from your paycheck and given to your ex-spouse or to a certain government agency. This ensures that you cannot withhold money intended for child support payments.

 If there is any reason you want to make a change to your child support payments, you can write a formal request with the help of Greenberg Law Offices. For more information, please contact our Baltimore, Maryland family law firm today.

What is a family lawyer?

Family law deals with relationships, rights and responsibilities of family members. Family lawyers provide legal representation in matters related to marriage, divorce, child custody and adoption.

If you are facing a divorce, a family lawyer from the Greenberg Law Offices can assist you with the issues that arise during this challenging life event, such as the division of your joint assets, child custody, visitation rights, alimony (spousal support) and child support.

family lawyers in Baltimore, MD provide legal advice to clients who are involved in family-related disputes or want to plan for the future. They help their clients make decisions about issues such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody and visitation agreements
  • Child support payments
  • Adoption proceedings
  • Paternity suits
  • Domestic violence restraining orders
  • Grandparent rights

At Greenberg Law Offices, we understand that a car accident can be a very stressful experience. You may be worried about your car, your injuries, and how you will pay for the damages. Our team of experienced family lawyers in Baltimore, MD has a proven track record of success in family law cases, and we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. 

Different roles of a family lawyer

A family lawyer in Baltimore, MD may work in private practice by himself or as part of a larger firm. He may also work in the legal department of a company or nonprofit organization. A family lawyer’s job responsibilities depend upon the type of company he works at, his specialty and his role within the company.

Family lawyers in Baltimore, MD from the Greenberg Law Offices are responsible for representing clients’ interests in court during legal proceedings. They must be able to explain complicated legal documents to their clients and prepare them for court appearances. Family lawyers must also know how various laws will affect their clients’ cases, so they must keep up with current trends in family law and changes in federal and state laws that could impact their clients’ cases.

When you and your spouse are discussing child support during your divorce proceedings with a Baltimore, Maryland family law firm, it can be an extremely complicated and touchy subject. Every state has some sort of formula that they must use when determining how much child support one parent is supposed to pay, and this standard formula should help make the child support payments objective. Additionally, it can help determine the right amount of child support that will be most beneficial to the child. If you have any questions regarding child support payments, what affects child support payments, and what happens if you do not pay the payments, Greenberg Law Offices are a family law firm based in Baltimore, Maryland that can provide you with support. For a consultation regarding your specific circumstances, please call our Family Lawyer in Baltimore now.

Greenberg Law Offices

When you need a family lawyer in Baltimore has an ample selection of firms to choose from; however, many residents elect to seek advice from Greenberg Law Offices. A prominent legal firm, Greenberg Law Offices has a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who have handled cases of all kinds. From straightforward family matters to those which are inherently complex and involve multiple out-of-state locations, we can resolve them in a timely fashion. If you are ready to speak with a Baltimore family lawyer, please call us today.

If you’re a parent, getting a divorce may be one of the most difficult things you ever do. You might worry about what will happen to your children. You may wonder who will get to keep the family home and what will happen with the family business.

While the term “family lawyer” may be easy to interpret, the practice of family law is quite complex. In general, family law covers any legal issue that pertains to the family unit. This may include divorce, child custody, adoption, prenuptial agreements, and more.

If your situation requires court or mediation (or both), it’s usually best to hire a family lawyer in Baltimore, MD from Greenberg Law Offices who has significant experience working with cases like yours.

A Family Lawyer Can Help You Make The Right Decisions For Your Family

Having a family lawyer can be beneficial for many different reasons. Having someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to handling legal matters makes life much easier for everyone involved. No one wants to deal with legal problems alone, so having someone to turn to when things get tough is always helpful. In addition, it gives everyone peace of mind.

A family lawyer MD from the Greenberg Law Offices can also help you deal with financial matters such as taxes and estate planning. If you have any questions about these issues, a good family lawyer can answer them for you and give you advice on how to handle them properly.

When you are going through any kind of complicated family legal issue, you may need a family lawyer Baltimore, MD residents can turn to and entrust with these highly-charged emotional issues. It can be hard to know who to trust, but it may be a significant help to find a law firm that has earned a reputation across Baltimore for giving clients the compassion and attention they deserve during the midst of a family law crisis.

Although some family law matters are associated with joyous occasions, there are also some family law matters that are more complicated and cause a great deal of emotional stress. Identifying a family lawyer Baltimore, MD is proud to have representing those individuals with serious family law concerns is essential at the outset of your process.

Our law firm offers comprehensive family law services for individuals in Baltimore, including:

  • Child custody or visitation
  • Child support
  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Separation
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Equitable property division
  • Paternity
  • Life insurance beneficiary issues

Not only are these issues highly personal, but they are often complex. Many people may find themselves distressed, confused, and emotional during a family law concern. Whether you are interested in learning more about a straightforward separation or you have a complex child custody agreement, you need a legal team that can give you customized solutions aligned with your individual needs.

If you’re contemplating filing for divorce or separating from your current partner, consider hiring a family lawyer Baltimore, MD families trust. Some of the most complicated issues in these situations involve contested divorces, spousal support and alimony concerns, child visitation agreements and parenting plans, and a modification of child support, alimony and child custody after the original orders have been handed down. Many couples are concerned about the division of property and want to give their children as much stability as possible. Having someone who is advocating for your best interests can make a world of difference during an otherwise overwhelming time. A family lawyer in Baltimore, MD should be your biggest ally.

Contact the Greenberg Law Offices for a Family Lawyer Baltimore, MD Can Trust

A Baltimore family lawyer from our firm may be a significant asset going forward in your case. We give our clients plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and we have 24/7 phone answering for emergency issues that may arise. We give prospective clients a free consultation where we may examine the details of their case and determine various ways of moving forward. Each case is unique and the ideal way to proceed with a case will depend on many circumstantial factors.

At the Greenberg Law Offices, we know that family is important. Our family-driven firm has provided valuable legal counsel to local Baltimore residents for years, and our legal team has over 100 years of combined experience.

Don’t wait to get help from a family lawyer Baltimore, MD families turn to for sensitive issues — call the Greenberg Law Offices today at 410-844-4854.

Dealing with divorce can be stressful for every party involved. When a conflict cannot be resolved peacefully, turning to a family lawyer may be your best option for coming to a resolution that is fair for everyone. If you plan to file for divorce, it’s a good idea to start interviewing various divorce lawyers. Divorce is a legal process that can be complex and stressful. For these reasons, it may not be something you want to do without a family lawyer’s help. To ensure that your rights are protected as you go through the divorce process, do your research to find the right experienced and competent family lawyer for you. 

In Baltimore. While the thought of paying attorney fees may sound daunting right now, it may be the best investment in your future that you could make. Divorce is not just a burden on you emotionally, but it comes with many expenses.It may be costly initially, but it is worth it when you have proper legal counsel to guide you through the complexities of divorce. It may be more expensive to proceed without a lawyer because there may be sudden issues that come up, which will be more expensive to handle. So with this in mind, you are more likely to go through a smoother divorce with the help and support provided by a skilled lawyer. Here are some of the most popular reasons why many people choose to hire a family lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices:

We Can Help You Make Informed Decisions

When you are dealing with something as stressful as a divorce, it’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions. It is natural to feel upset, anxious and concerned about the consequences of a divorce. However, these emotions may cloud your judgment and cause you to make poor decisions. For example, you may choose to settle for less than you deserve to get it all behind you. When you are going through the motions of a divorce, it is difficult to think about the matter practically. You may make decisions you would not make otherwise. It is important to not just accept any amount for the sake of getting a divorce over with. Because of the emotions involved and deeply personal connections you have, having a lawyer to handle the bulk of the divorce for you would be your best course of action. A family lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices can step in and provide you with the objectivity you need during this trying time. Knowledgeable legal guidance can help you make the right decisions for your future.

We Will Handle the Paperwork

The paperwork required to file for divorce isn’t a walk in the park. It’s complicated and contains confusing legal terminology. You have the option to conduct your own research, but it does not compare to the knowledge and years of experience that a family lawyer has. If you don’t understand something, you could make a mistake, resulting in delays or cost you in the long run. A divorce is already a time-consuming process, so you do not want to make it longer or more complicated than it has to be. Having a seasoned family lawyer can help you avoid all of these potential problems from occurring in the first place. An experienced family lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices can make sure the paperwork is completed correctly and on time. We are knowledgeable about the divorce requirements and what mistakes not to make. We’ll also make sure it is submitted to the proper authority and under deadline.

We Have Experience in Family Law

An experienced family lawyer has likely handled many divorce cases similar to yours. They are likely to have to deal with more basic, straightforward cases as well as complex cases with unique or unconventional circumstances. Therefore, he or she will know what needs to be done to get you the most favorable settlement possible. Whether or not you have kids, a large amount of assets, or you and your spouse live in different states, an experienced family lawyer can help you. Their diverse experience puts them in a better position to handle your case and make sure you go through the process smoothly. Your lawyer can provide you with valuable guidance from the very start of the divorce proceedings.

We Can Reduce Your Stress

Your family lawyer understands that going through a divorce is stressful. Many clients going through divorce often underestimate the impact of having a professional at their side who can offer emotional support. It may be more stressful if you have children or share property. During this time, you’ll have to make many difficult decisions within a short time frame. If you hire a skilled divorce lawyer to handle your case, he or she can reduce some of your stress. If you have any questions or concerns at all throughout your case, a lawyer will be able to provide you answers. They can alleviate your stress so that you can feel more at ease. You can feel confident that you’re following the legal requirements, and your lawyer can handle all the communications with your spouse.

We Can Protect Your Best Interests

During the divorce proceedings, there may come a time when your spouse’s lawyer tries to pressure you into accepting an unfair settlement. If this scenario develops, our team will review the settlement offer and provide a professional opinion on whether it reflects your best interests. Having a lawyer is crucial in case you encounter these or similar scenarios. You should never feel pressured into accepting an offer that is not fair for you. 

As you can see, there are many advantages to hiring a divorce lawyer. You may benefit from scheduling a consultation with a family lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices as soon as possible. During your initial consultation, you can learn more about the value of hiring trusted legal counsel. Schedule a confidential and risk-free consultation with us today so that can better understand your needs. 

Why You Should Hire Greenberg Law Offices as Your Family Lawyer

Greenberg Law Offices has been defending the rights of families for over fifty years. We are a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers who are passionate about fighting for the best interests of our clients. If you have been involved in a car accident, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the full amount to which you are entitled. Contact Greenberg Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced family lawyers in Baltimore, MD. We will review your case and answer any questions you may have. Then we can begin working on a plan to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Working with a qualified family lawyer in Baltimore can make for a smoother divorce process. A lawyer will help you fill out the paperwork accurately and on time and improve your chances of receiving a fair settlement. He or she can also keep you from making mistakes that could hurt your case, such as making posts on social media or constantly picking fights with your spouse.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce?

Many people wishing to get a divorce are concerned about how much it will cost them. The truth is that it is not possible to predict exactly how much your divorce will cost. If you and your spouse agree on important matters in your divorce and settle the case quite quickly, your legal fees may be lower. On the other hand, if you and your spouse can’t agree on anything and take the case to trial, it will cost substantially more to get divorced.

Can I Get a Divorce If My Spouse and I Live in the Same House?

If you want to get a divorce on grounds of one-year separation or desertion, you and your spouse must live in separate residences. If the grounds for divorce are mutual consent, adultery or cruelty, you and your spouse can live under the same roof.

If I’m Awarded Physical Custody of My Children, Can I Move to a Different State?

Before you move to another state and take your kids with you, you must get approval from the court. A judge will want to make sure that moving is in the kids’ best interests and that you’re not just trying to deny the other parent access to your children.

How Can I Make the Divorce Process Easier?

Although getting a divorce can be difficult, you can take steps to make the process less excruciating. Always tell your lawyer the truth, don’t get into needless arguments with your spouse and keep the lines of communication open with your spouse.

Schedule a consultation with a family lawyer in Baltimore from Greenberg Law Offices today.

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