Workers’ Compensation

Baltimore roof collapse injures 9

Baltimore County officials have reported that a roof collapse in Sparrows Point, at the former Bethlehem Steel plant, injured nine workers. This type of work accident may not be common, but can happen from time to time in the construction industry. A member of the Baltimore County Fire Department said that a crew was demolishing

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Pennsylvania trooper to receive workers’ compensation benefits

In many cases, injured workers are able to receive the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve without any hassle. However, there are situations in which those who should receive benefits are denied for one reason or the next. Many of our Maryland readers are familiar with the roadways of Pennsylvania, which accommodate millions of drivers on

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Police trainee shot during drill

A police trainee who was hurt on the job during a training drill exercise has filed a lawsuit against the City of Baltimore and Baltimore County. He was shot and suffered serious injuries. His condition was described as critical. The lawsuit seeks several million in damages. The plaintiff is a trainee who was hired by

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Knoxville worker killed at auto shop

Certain work environments lend greater risks to employees. Workers that tend to their jobs with power tools, heavy objects or anything else that could potentially cause them harm in an accident must mind safety precautions. On the other side of the coin, employers are responsible for looking out for the well being of their employees,

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Ex-NFL player wins workers’ comp ruling

A former National Football League punter can now receive workers’ compensation payments from the state of Maryland, the Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled. The man played for the NFL’s Washington franchise, which has its corporate offices and practice facilities in Virginia. However, the team plays its home games in Landover, Maryland. The team had

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