Who to Contact When Being Arrested for Assault in Self-Defense?

Criminal Defense Lawyer Baltimore, MD
Criminal Defense Lawyer Baltimore, MD

If you were harmed by another person, but you somehow ended up being the one taken into custody, you are likely to feel anger and frustration.  Now is the right time to contact a criminal defense lawyer Baltimore, MD trusts, like the Greenberg Law Offices. It can be downright frightening to be handcuffed and placed in the back of a cop car, when you were only defending your personal safety. You may feel inclined to plead your innocence to the officer, who may only respond with disbelief. It is actually recommended that you do not speak with an officer about what happened until you have met with a criminal defense lawyer, Greenberg Law Offices, serving Baltimore, MD.

Why Officers Make Quick Arrests

An officer who pulls up to the scene of a physical altercation may not take the time to investigate both sides of the story. Instead, he or she may arrest one or both of you, and let the court system figure it out. This may feel completely unfair and make you question the reliability of the legal system. During your booking process, you may be asked about what happened. You may not want to provide any statements until you have obtained legal representation, such as a criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore, MD. In a moment of panic, you may want to talk about every detail. Do keep in mind that the officer could misconstrue your words into meaning something incriminating.

The Consequences for an Assault Charge

If you are convicted of an assault, you could face jail time and very costly fines. You may also have a hard time being approved for jobs and housing. If your case becomes dismissed, you may want to apply for an expungement immediately, so the general public does not see this charge on your state record. It can be critical to the verdict of your case, to have a criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore, MD that is familiar with criminal defense strategies.

Self-Defense Strategy

In general, it is commonly accepted that any person who feels they are at risk for harm can defend themselves. The accused can claim self-defense in regards to the assault charge. However, someone who uses this strategy must be prepared for a series of questions, including:


  • What level of force was used to defend oneself?
  • What if the accused provoked a physical conflict, after receiving only verbal threats?
  • What is considered a reasonable reaction, and an over-reaction?
  • Did the person who was making the threats intend to truly harm the other?
  • What if the accused was being genuine in their level of fear in the situation, but had reacted unreasonably?


A criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore, MD can do a run-through with you prior to your court hearing, so you are more prepared to answer such questions if they are asked of you. The self-defense strategy can become more complicated than it first appears. It is normal for humans to engage in physical conflict out of fear of safety, but then many other factors in how the assault unfolded are likely to be scrutinized before that person may be acquitted of charges. In some circumstances, total acquittal is not possible. So then, the accused must work with a qualified criminal defense lawyer Baltimore, MD trusts, The Greenberg Law Offices, in hopes of a decreased sentencing.

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