Why You Should Never Represent Yourself in a Criminal Case

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Why You Should Never Represent Yourself in a Criminal CaseIf you have been charged with a criminal offense, you might be wondering if you should represent yourself in court. Many people do not qualify for representation by a free public defender but they may feel they can’t afford to hire a Baltimore, MD attorney, either.
At Greenberg Law Offices, each criminal defense lawyer is aware that this is a common dilemma. In fact, many of our clients were in that very situation before they hired our criminal defense lawyer. There are a number of reasons why they chose to hire a legal representative from our firm, which are identified below. If you would like to know more about how our legal team can fight for your rights, call us today and schedule a free consultation with our skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Self-Representation in Court

You have the legal right to represent yourself in court. However, although you may have that right, exercising it is probably not in your best interest. Did you know that even lawyers don’t usually represent themselves in court or in other legal proceedings? One big reason for this is that when representing yourself, it is difficult if not impossible to be objective about one’s self and one’s legal case. When you hire a criminal defense lawyer from Greenberg Law Offices, you will receive top drawer, objective guidance from a legal professional with extensive legal experience successfully representing clients.

Criminal Laws and the Federal Court System

Criminal law is a complex area of the legal system. In part, this is because laws can vary from one municipality to the next and from state to state. Additionally, if you were charged with a criminal offense by a federal prosecutor, your case will be tried in a federal courtroom if it is not dismissed beforehand. If you are facing federal criminal charges you will need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Baltimore, MD who is authorized to try cases within the federal court system appropriate to your charges. Additional training and experience is needed to defend an individual within the federal courts and if you choose to represent yourself, you will be doing so at great risk to your future.

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