Criminal Defense

For more than 50 years, the skilled attorneys at the Greenberg Law Offices have been creating winning legal strategies for good people who are in bad situations throughout Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

We are informal and straight forward with our clients, but we are all business when it comes to the practice of law.

Maryland Violent Crime Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense trial lawyer Larry Greenberg has extensive experience working in the State’s Attorney’s Office as prosecutors, and that unique insight ensures that he can defend against the tactics used by the opposition.

The entire team of legal professionals at Greenberg Law Offices are very experienced, and they have a thorough understanding of all state and federal laws. Fast and fair resolution of your case is our goal, but if necessary, we will go to trial and bring in veteran investigators and subject matter experts who can provide essential testimony.

When you contact Greenberg Law Offices to arrange a free initial consultation, we will review the charges against you and discuss your legal rights and options.

Maryland Post-Conviction Expungements and Appeals

The Maryland violent crime defense lawyers at Greenberg Law Offices begin every case with the goal of restoring our clients’ lives to normal. We have successfully helped thousands of people facing charges for drug crimes, domestic violence and a wide variety of additional legal issues.

We can begin helping you as soon as you contact us.

The information below will help you understand how to behave in some circumstances if you become involved with the criminal justice system. By acting appropriately, you will greatly increase how effective your lawyer can be in protecting your life and liberty.

You are under suspicion of committing a crime or you’re under arrest. Do you need a lawyer?

The answer is yes. If you are in this situation, you should contact our Baltimore criminal defense lawyers immediately so we can explain your charges and your legal rights.

If the police contact you, or if you have been arrested, no matter what they say, their goal is to build a case against you. In many cases, they attempt to add multiple charges in case any others are dismissed. That is their job and, more often than not, they do it well.

You are protected by Miranda rights; the constitutional right to remain silent, and you should do so, until you contact Greenberg Law Offices.

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