Workers’ Compensation

If you have been hurt in the Maryland or Eastern Shore area on the job, or in a job-related activity, you probably qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Each state has different workers’ compensation rules to handle claims from employees who suffer on-the job injuries.

Greenberg Law Offices can answer all of your questions and let you know what you are entitled to under your rights as an employee.

You will never pay out of pocket for legal representation, and our lawyers may be the key to your fair compensation. Contact Greenberg Law Offices so we can explain how workers’ comp matters are handled.

A representative from your employer’s insurance company may have already called you and requested that you deal with him or her directly. Many times, these adjusters will try to tell you that involving a lawyer will be expensive and cause unnecessary delays in resolving your case. The insurance company lawyers work for the insurance company and they have only one goal; to reduce or reject your claim. Greenberg Law Offices will work for you efficiently and effectively to enforce your right to workers’ compensation and to maximize your settlement.

Baltimore Workers’ Comp Lawyers

The attorneys and their support team of legal professionals at Greenberg Law Offices are highly knowledgeable; they know the amount of compensation you are entitled to, as well as what expenses you are likely to encounter in the months and years ahead.

Maryland Workers’ Comp Rules and Regulations

Our attorneys have comprehensive experience in this complex area of the law. This is essential because your injury may require future treatments, prevent you from resuming normal activities and/or result in the loss of your job. Most injured workers who are unable to return to work following their accident do not know how to get wage replacement benefits started promptly. Our dedicated staff will do that for you. A work injury could lead to depression, PTSD or other emotional trauma that damages a personal relationship. Our skilled attorneys carefully evaluate every case to identify such situations so they can be factored into a settlement.

The key to full and fair compensation is careful evaluation of your case and proper documentation of your injuries. Maryland workers’ comp cases are governed by strict guidelines and time frames that must be followed.

For more than 45 years, the attorneys at the Greenberg Law Offices have been fighting for compensation and protecting the rights of people throughout Maryland.

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