18-Wheeler Accidents in Texas 

18-Wheeler Accidents in Texas 

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18-wheelers, these large monstrous trucks are no stranger to highways and even smaller suburban roads. Many of them deliver supplies and products all across the United states but most people never stop to think about how much these trucks get into car accidents. In the state of Texas car wrecks between 18-wheelers and other cars occur a lot more often than one may think. With so many 18-wheelers driving around in the state of Texas certain laws have been put in place to make things safer for other cars on the road, in some areas car wrecks with 18-wheelers are much more common than others, and the aftermath of these wrecks is typically catastrophic. 

Whenever it comes to 18-wheelers there are laws which apply to them that don’t concern other vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. One of these laws’ states that commercial vehicles (18-wheelers) are not allowed to drive in the left lane on the free-way. The reason this law has been put into place is because if an 18-wheeler stays in the left lane for an extended amount of time people may not be able to get around them or they won’t be able to safely switch lanes. If a car is not able to safely switch lines because of an 18-wheeler a wreck can occur. 

However, car wrecks between 18-wheelers and other vehicles happen in more places than just the freeway, but in large cities as well. An example of this is Galveston, Texas. This single area has a higher number of 18-wheeler accidents than any other city in the state. Statistically one for every seven, 18-wheeler accidents an injury occurs, while one, in every 50 a death takes place. In Galveston on a yearly basis alone death from 18-wheeler accidents steadily approaches 300, the injuries from these accidents are in the 2,000’s. 

Furthermore, after these types of wrecks happen if a death has not occurred the other possible injuries can be extremely severe. A couple of the most common injuries from this type of incident are spinal cord damage, brain trauma, loss of a limb, broken bones, and organ failure. After the wrecks happen there are people who are left with more than one of these serious injuries. This is why it’s important that both commercial vehicles and regular automobiles follow the road laws that have been set in place by the government in the state of Texas. If these laws are followed, then even in big cities like Galveston the amount of wrecks including 18-wheelers will hopefully go down and will result in less casualties. 

Although serious car accidents with 18-wheelers take place throughout the state of Texas they are still a necessary part of the economy. Without them products and produce would not be able to get to where they need to go. Whether that be to grocery marts or part stores. From specific laws, to wrecks, and the aftermath, 18-wheelers play a role in the Texas legal system, since people have to make laws to keep citizens safe. Not to mention when things do go wrong personal injury attorneys have to be ready to help. As the future progresses so will the need for transporting goods on these kinds of commercial vehicles, even in the state of Texas. 

If you have questions about an accident involving an 18-wheeler or any other personal injury case contact a personal injury lawyer, like the office of the Brandy Austin Law Firm, for more information.

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