Car Accidents: Treating Tooth Damage and Seeking Compensation

Car Accidents: Treating Tooth Damage and Seeking Compensation


Every year in the United States, car accidents cause more than 3 million people to sustain injuries. Of these injuries, a car accident victim may sustain broken bones, fractures, brain trauma, back injuries, and more. Not many people think about how the teeth, mouth, and jaw may be affected too. Teeth cannot regrow or heal themselves, so any damage must be treated by a dental professional right away. If not, a person can suffer from facial deformities, terrible pain, and have trouble with eating or drinking.

After receiving treatment from a dental professional, victims of car collisions may want to talk with an attorney about their legal options. The dental care may have cost the victim thousands of dollars out of their very own pocket, due to an accident that wasn’t their fault to begin with.

How Dental Injuries Happen

Damage to the teeth can happen due to the force of impact from the accident. The driver may have been knocked against the window, steering wheel, dashboard, or hit by debri within the vehicle. Damage to teeth can be from a direct or indirect force, and can cause teeth to loosen, break, or fall out entirely. Even accidents where both drivers were going a reasonably slow speed, can result in tooth, mouth, or jaw damage.

Treating Fractured, Broken, or Loose Teeth

Depending on the severity of your injuries, a dentist can create a treatment plan that addresses breaks, fractures, loose, and lost teeth. For more mild cases, a fractured tooth chipped at the corner, may need to be smoothed or veneer added over. Teeth that are loose may need to be set into proper position and then secured, so the tooth can heal back into the socket. If the jaw bone was broken, surgery can be required to repair the damage.

Reintegrating Knocked Out Teeth

Some victims of car accidents may have teeth knocked out completely from the collision. If this happens, swift action must be taken. In certain cases, the tooth can be saved it the root isn’t damaged and it is inserted by a dental professional within a couple of hours after the accident. A dentist San Clemente, CA relies on is likely to administer numbing and pain relief medication prior to administration, since putting the tooth back after being pulled out can be excruciatingly painful. Under no circumstances should any person try this at home on their own. If not done properly, a person may then have to deal with even more complex issues such as causing further damage and infection.

Seeking Compensation for Dental Injuries

Victims of car accidents may consider suing the at-fault driver for medical care expenses, loss of wage from missing work, vehicle damages, and more. A person may be entitled to receiving compensation for costs associated with dental injuries. When taking legal action, it can help to gather evidence to help show how much you need financially in order to rebound from the accident. Obtain copies of dental x-rays, assessments, procedures, medications, and financial receipts.

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