Co-Parenting and Father’s Day

Co-Parenting and Father’s Day

Father’s Day for a divorced dad brings up all kinds of emotions. These emotions can be stronger if the father does not have the children on a full-time basis. For those fathers who are having a tough time dealing with the circumstances on Father’s Day, here are a few tips to help you through:

If you are unable to see your children

Is there a legal order that forbids you to see your kids? Do you live in different cities? Sometimes there may be something that will not allow you to see your children during Father’s Day.

  • Preparation is key. Mentally, you have to be strong. Sitting around all day will not help you mentally at all. Plan something to do. Keeping yourself busy will allow you an escape from any hurt feelings.
  • Call or Facetime your kids. So you can’t be there in person. However, planning ahead will allow you to be there with your kids virtually. Plan out what you want to talk about, consider having stories lined up or even games to play via Facetime.
  • Write about it. The power of social media can help overcome a lot of negative emotion during particular holidays. Utilizing social media to document your experience may help others who ae going through the same thing. Just remember there are others who may want to read how you made it through the day.

If You only get to see your children for part of the day

Planning is essential if you only have your children for part of the day.

  • Maximize your time with your children. Make plans that not only allow you to have fun with your children but also allows you to add in teachable moments that will enrich their lives. Some examples include:
  • Sports activities – If your children are getting into sports then choose an activity that allows you to teach them how to become better while having fun at the same time.
  • Arts/Music – If your children enjoy art and music then choose an activity that allows your children to experience the different types of genre that exist.
  • Do what they want to do – Your children may already have an idea on what they want to do. If you have to scrap your plans in favor of doing what they want to do, by all means scrap your plans.

If you will have your children for the entire weekend

There are several parenting plans that allow the Father to have an entire weekend with the children. You need to have the same mentality as the father who only gets to see his children for part of the day while understanding that now you will have the children for multiple days.

  • Prepare in advance. Your children have routines such as sleep schedules, mealtimes etc. Plan around those times to maximize your day effectively. You should also have an idea of the types of foods your children like to eat so you can have the available when they come for the weekend. Think about funs things to do together. The simplest things can mean a lot to children. For younger children, grocery shopping, making meals, cleaning, even taking out the trash can be a lot of fun and a learning experience. For older children, activities that allow them to expand their mind will help keep them engaged.

Whatever your situation, keep in mind that your children are of the utmost importance. Take the time to always let them know that they are valuable to you.  If you or anyone you know has questions pertaining to family law or wishes to have a free 30-minute consultation, please contact a family law and child custody lawyer Arlington TX trusts.

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