Different Types of Discrimination

Different Types of Discrimination

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Discrimination is something that many people are uncomfortable speaking about. When discrimination happens at the workplace this is especially uncomfortable and unfortunate. Numerous people have unfortunately had to deal with this issue. It’s important to understand the different types of discrimination, how to spot them, and what to do if they are happening to you at your workplace or out in society.

Discrimination types

There are many different kinds of discrimination. Some of them include:

  • Racial discrimination: This occurs when comments are made derogatorily toward someone for their race. It could also be seen in job promotions not being given or jobs not being offered based on someone’s race. 
  • Gender: Gender inequality and discrimination is still prevalent in the workplace. This occurs when someone isn’t offered a job or harassing comments are made towards someone for their gender.
  • Workplace: Workplace discrimination occurs when jobs or certain benefits aren’t offered to some employees that are offered to others. This could be based on the unfair practice of preferential treatment for some people and discriminating against other employees for a variety of different reasons.

How to Spot Discrimination

Discrimination can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. This can be due to it happening over time and wearing people down psychologically. When negative comments and actions are repeatedly made towards someone for being who they are, then this is discrimination. Deliberate actions of holding certain people back based on their orientation, race, gender, or beliefs are acts of discrimination. This is unfair and unlawful. If it’s occurring to you or someone you know, then it may be time to reach out to an experienced discrimination lawyer in your area such as one from Eric Siegel Law to help end it. Compensation could be awarded to your case along with negative consequences for the entity or individual causing you harm in the form of discrimination. 

Proving Discrimination

Your lawyer can assist you with proving your case. Gathering the necessary evidence in the form of recordings, written content, and testimonies are all especially valuable in these circumstances. The more evidence gathered the stronger the case. It’s important to take these acts of discrimination seriously to stop them from happening to you over and over again. It’s also crucial in ensuring that it doesn’t happen to others. Holding those accountable for their unfair treatment and discriminatory practices is the most important thing to do in these situations to put an end to this treatment.

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