GM hopes to avoid more car accidents with another recall

GM hopes to avoid more car accidents with another recall

Car accidents are common throughout the United States, including Baltimore, because a large number of drivers are on the road at a given time. But accidents as a result of a defective vehicle should never occur.

General Motors has issued yet another recall related to faulty ignition switches, this time around including 8.5 million vehicles. Furthermore, the company noted that it is aware of three deaths related to car accidents in the affected vehicles.

With this most recent recall, it brings the total number of cars and trucks recalled by the company this year to approximately 29 million. This is more than its total combined sales in the United States for the past eight years.

This recall includes models dating back as far as 1997, and the automaker said it is aware of seven accidents involving the recalled vehicles. In addition to the three deaths, eight others were also injured.

Even though GM continues to make it clear that dealers will fix the problem free of cost, it does not change what has happened in the past, as well as the risk of driving a vehicle from this automaker in the future.

The oldest cars included in this recall are the 1997 to 2005 model year Chevrolet Malibus, as well as Pontiac Grand Ams spanning 1999 to 2005.

GM is well aware of the car accidents that have occurred as a result of their defective parts and alleged cover-up. The company is also aware that it is being sued by many victims, as well as families, who are hoping to receive compensation.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, “GM to Recall 8.45 Million More Vehicles in North America,” June 30, 2014

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