Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer

Hiring a lawyer seems like it can be overwhelming. After an accident and injury, the last thing you want to deal with is finding a lawyer to hire. You already have to check in with the doctor and report to insurance.

However, many of your doubts are unfounded. The negative hype about lawyers is often overblown, and hiring one can usually benefit you substantially. 

You Don’t Need One

First off, this may be true. That might surprise you, but not all cases need professional legal aid. Injuries that don’t cost a lot of money or are simple can be pretty easy to file without a lawyer’s help. It’s the cases that come with more complexities where hiring a lawyer is a good idea. If there are odd legal aspects, disputes about negligence or confusion over how the injury occurred, you may be in for an uphill battle. In cases like these, you’ll be glad a lawyer is on your side to fight for your compensation.

You Can’t Afford One

Fees are a huge deterrent for many people who could benefit from a lawyer’s services. The good news is that lawyers don’t get paid if you don’t. Your claim either ends in a settlement or with no compensation. If you win and reach a settlement, the lawyer takes a part of it as their fee. This is after all the work has been completed. If you lose and get no compensation, the lawyer doesn’t get anything either, and you don’t owe them because they failed to get you your money. Ultimately, you can afford a lawyer because their fees come out of your final settlement (generally a third of the overall amount), and the percent they take can be negotiated before they begin work.

You Don’t Have Time To Find One

The events following an injury can be chaotic. You might be in over your head speaking to all the right parties and getting paperwork done. Yet you could be focusing on your health and recovery a lot more if you just hire a lawyer to take care of everything for you. By taking the time to find a lawyer now, you avoid the headache of dealing with your claim on your own for the next several weeks or months.

The easiest way to find out if a lawyer is right for you is by speaking to one. Make a consultation appointment to see if you like them and to discover what services they offer.

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