How Do I Prepare for Child Custody Mediation?

How Do I Prepare for Child Custody Mediation?

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Child custody mediation can be an unquestionably stressful process. Few, if any, things in life are more precious than the ability to raise your child in the ways you (as a fit parent) deem appropriate. And unfortunately, even amicable romantic breakups can become tense when child custody challenges are placed front-and-center within the lives of those affected. Thankfully, preparing for the child custody mediation process can help to ensure that you do not have any regrets about how you approached it. In addition, working with a skilled family law attorney can help you make the most out of your preparation for this all-important event.

Child Custody Mediation Considerations

Child custody mediation helps to encourage a child’s parents to agree upon custody and parenting matters without the express interference of a judge. When this process is successful, child custody and parenting agreement matters reflect a child’s best interests. As a result, it is important to spend some time thinking about your child’s best interests in advance of your mediation session. In the wake of a romantic split, it can be easy to get bogged down in negative feelings about your child’s other parent. But it is important to push through your feelings to the heart of things when making decisions so that your child can benefit from the healthiest arrangement possible. Is it in your child’s best interests to spend time with both parents? How often should your child be with you and how often should your child be with the other parent? Why?

Your attorney will help you to sort out your reasoning and flesh it into a proposed child custody schedule and parenting agreement. Your parenting agreement can also address non-scheduling matters. You and your co-parent may determine that you will be held jointly responsible for maintaining an electronic “family calendar” with all of your child’s school-related and activity-related commitments noted in one place. You may decide that you wish to be responsible for taking your child to physical therapy appointments but your child’s other parent is responsible for transportation to all swimming-related classes and events. You can really address anything that makes sense for your family in a parenting agreement. Just remember to be as flexible as is appropriate in re: any given issue in order to avoid unnecessary tension down the road.

Child Custody Assistance Is Available

If you have questions about the child custody mediation process, please do not hesitate to speak with an experienced family law attorney. Asking questions before and during the process is critically important, as failure to do so may lead to an outcome that is not in your child’s best interests. It can be frustrating and even a bit frightening to talk about issues that are so deeply personal. But when you know that you are digging into sensitive issues in order to help your child, you will almost certainly be glad that you exercised this kind of vulnerability. Experienced child custody attorneys have “seen it all” and will keep your concerns confidential. Please consider connecting with experienced child custody lawyers in Rockville, MD today. 



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