Paying for Your Spouse’s TBI Rehabilitation

Paying for Your Spouse’s TBI Rehabilitation

If your spouse has suffered a traumatic brain injury, they may have to relearn how to speak, walk, and even perform basic tasks. If your spouse requires expensive rehabilitation, you may be wondering how you can pay for it. As an experienced brain injury lawyer can confirm, TBI rehabilitation costs, lost wages associated with recovery, and medical bills stemming from TBI treatment can hammer a family’s finances. Thankfully, there are ways to successfully manage these costs. It is important to explore each of your available options carefully in order to maximize your access to any compensation to which you may be entitled. 

Consult Your Insurance Provider

Even though someone else may have been at fault for your spouse’s injuries, you can (and should) still consult with your medical insurance provider. Your family’s insurance will still pay for your spouse’s qualifying medical bills, even if someone else caused the injuries in question. 

Set Up a Payment Plan

Rehabilitation is expensive and many facilities understand that not everyone can afford their services. When your loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury, they have no choice but to go through rehabilitation. Rehab teaches those with TBIs how to function in everyday life again. Try to discuss your situation with billing. In some instances, the facility will be willing to set up a payment plan. You can pay a smaller amount every month until you receive any additional compensation to which you may be entitled. This compensation may include workers’ compensation benefits and/or a personal injury settlement. 

Explore the Viability of a Personal Injury Claim “Lien”

When it comes to medical bills, you can’t simply wait until a personal injury claim has fully resolved to receive your settlement and pay the bills. Most hospitals demand payment quicker than you’d receive the money. In some cases, you can talk to the hospital about your personal injury claim. In some instances, they will put a lien on your potential settlement. For this to happen, you’ll need to prove that you have a good chance of winning your case.

Explore Your Legal Options

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your spouse’s injury, they may be entitled to various kinds of compensation. Scheduling a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney will allow you to ask questions and clarify your options in a risk-free setting. Don’t wait to take this step – every day that passes is another day that you could be securing compensation for your spouse and taking the pressure of rehabilitation costs off your family’s budget. 

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