Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Baltimore, MD

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, it is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer Baltimore, MD. A personal injury lawyer like the Greenberg Law Offices can help you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. They will work with you to get the best outcome possible in your case. In order to qualify for compensation, your injury must have been caused by someone else’s negligence. You may be eligible for compensation if you were injured in a car accident, bitten by a dog, or hurt on the job. Speak with a personal injury lawyer today to learn more about your rights.

What are the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be wondering if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers can help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer: 

  1. They know the law inside out. Personal injury lawyers in Baltimore, MD have extensive knowledge of the law and how it applies to your case. This means they can guide you through the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected. 
  2. They have experience in negotiating settlements. Personal injury lawyers have years of experience negotiating settlements with insurance companies. This means they can get you the best possible outcome for your case. 
  3. They have resources at their disposal. Lawyers for personal injury cases have access to injury experts who can assist you with your case. 
  4. They have knowledge of personal injury cases. Personal injury lawyers like the Greenberg Law Offices have years of experience dealing with personal injury cases, so they understand what you are going through and can empathize with your situation. This means they will work hard on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.

Who can be sued in personal injury cases?

In any personal injury case, the first question that needs to be answered is who can be sued. The answer to this question depends on the type of injury and who caused it. In some cases, the victim can only sue the person or company responsible for the injury. In other cases, the victim may be able to sue anyone involved in the incident, including bystanders. Knowing who can be sued is essential for deciding whether to file a lawsuit.

What are personal injury cases?

When someone is injured due to the negligence of another individual or entity, they may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury case. This type of lawsuit can cover a wide range of situations, from car accidents to medical malpractice. In order to file a personal injury case, it is important to understand what types of damages may be available.  

Each state has different laws governing personal injury cases, so it is significant to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD like the Greenberg Law Offices experienced in this area of law if you feel you have a claim. By understanding the basics of personal injury cases, you can make an informed decision about whether to pursue legal action.

After a pedestrian accident, you should seek the help of a personal injury lawyer Baltimore, MD residents rely on from the Greenberg Law Offices. When you are a pedestrian in a pedestrian-related accident, you may have become seriously injured after a vehicle hit you. We have worked hard to represent pedestrians in different situations and accidents and want you to know that no two accidents are alike.

Whether you are partially at fault for the accident or the other party is entirely responsible, you want to make sure you have the representation you need when you file a pedestrian injury suit. To see how a personal injury lawyer Baltimore, Maryland community members rely on can help you, please contact our office now. We care about getting you the results you deserve. 

Pedestrian-Related Accidents and Injuries

Our personal injury lawyers in Baltimore, MD victims depend on shares that an accident can be completely unexpected when a pedestrian is out and about. In many situations, these accidents can be tragic but know that these accidents are preventable in many cases. One common reason for pedestrian-related accidents is those involving drunk drivers. When a person gets behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, they put themselves and others on the road at risk. With judgment impaired, the likelihood of an accident occurring is high. Accident victims and their families will be left facing significant losses that could impact them in the long term. If you or a loved one faces devastating injuries and damages that resulted from an accident involving a drunk driver, contact Greenberg Law Offices without hesitation. 

Types of Injuries from Pedestrian-Related Accidents

Pedestrians who are hit by a vehicle can result in severe and even catastrophic injuries. The severity may not be that surprising when one considers the harsh reality that there is nothing to protect a pedestrian from the impact. Whether someone is walking down the street or crossing at a crosswalk, should a driver fail to pay attention, the victim will experience a significant impact from the vehicle. Common injuries pedestrians in accidents may be facing include: 

  • Internal Injuries
  • Brain Damage/Head Injuries
  • Fractured Bones
  • Cuts and Lacerations
  • Back Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Torn Ligaments
  • +More

The range of injuries that can occur is vast, and victims can lose their lives from the injuries they experience. Following an accident, victims and their families should ensure that prompt medical treatment is received. 

How Accidents Happen

Our Baltimore, Maryland personal injury lawyer shares that accidents involving pedestrians can happen for various reasons. For example, when a person operates a vehicle under the influence, everyone on the road is put at risk. They may drive erratically, fail to obey traffic laws, and, as a result, people could be injured. A drunk driver’s ability to respond to unexpected situations while driving may be difficult as their ability to react will be slowed. Here are some other contributing factors that may cause pedestrian-related accidents:  

  • Speeding
  • Distracted Driving (cell phone use, adjusting the radio, reaching for something, etc.)
  • Not paying attention
  • Failing to follow traffic laws

The results of such accidents are devastating and can change the lives of victims and their families in the long run. 

Gather Evidence At The Accident Scene

When you have been injured in a pedestrian-related accident, there are a few things to do when you are still at the accident scene. 

  • Take Pictures. If you have a phone or a camera on you, taking pictures is one of the best things you can do. Take note of any crosswalks or walkway signs that are nearby. Take a picture of the intersection signs and the car that injured you. It will help to see if it is a cloudy or a sunny day or if there is any inclement weather. 
  • Call Local Authorities. Especially when an injury has occurred, you will want to notify the local authorities so that they can come to the scene and write up a report. This can go a long way in providing you with evidence for your case. 
  • Get the Driver’s Information. If the driver is there (and this was not a hit-and-run), you will want to get their insurance information and personal information just like you would if you were in a car accident. 

If you were even slightly at fault for the accident, you will likely not recover any compensation.

Unfortunately, this is one we hear all the time from our pedestrian clients, and it is a severe misconception that can cause many people to avoid getting legal help in the first place. Even if you believe you may be partially at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, you should seek assistance from an attorney.

Many states have laws in a place known as “pure comparative fault” where each party involved in the accident has the potential to receive a certain amount of compensation depending on how involved they were in the accident. Thus, each party is responsible for their share of the accident regarding the damages incurred.

The other party had the right of way.

This is another one we hear often. The other party (and their insurance) has claimed they had the right-of-way for what happened during the accident. Especially if you hear this from their insurance, you may be tempted to take whatever low settlement number they throw your way. However, we care about the facts and the evidence and will fight to show how the other party’s negligence contributed to and directly caused your injuries.

I can’t get compensation from an uninsured driver.

When the at-fault party does not have insurance, you may believe there is no hope of getting compensation for your injuries. Instead of filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance, we may choose to take the other party directly to court and file a civil suit. While this will likely take more time, you know you will have a pedestrian accident attorney on your side to help you every step of the way. 

After an accident that results in a severe injury, you may be interested in filing a lawsuit but reluctant to hire a personal injury lawyer Baltimore, MD residents trust to represent you. Your hesitation is understandable. Typically, lawyers are expensive, and you may want to avoid paying legal fees out of your settlement.

However, even factoring in financial considerations such as these, hiring a personal injury lawyer (like one from the Greenberg Law Offices) can work to your advantage.

The Do’s and Don’ts Following an Injury

Do Go See a Doctor Right Away

You will want to get your injury treated as soon as possible. Seek medical attention right away for any and all injuries. Make sure to get documentation of the tests your doctor orders, any diagnoses you receive, and any treatment plans. Your lawyer at the Greenberg Law Offices will likely want copies of everything.

Do Get Started With a Lawyer Immediately

Once you’ve sustained an injury, the clock starts ticking on your chance to file a personal injury claim. Your personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD can tell you that you have three years from the date of your injury to file a claim, but that it’s best to get started right away. This helps ensure that you have plenty of time to file your claim and appeal any decisions.

Do Know Your Options

As the injured party, you have options available to you. You can ask that your case be reviewed by a qualified lawyer, and you can pursue damages to help cover the costs related to your injuries. This may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Your lawyer may be able to advise you on everything to which you may be entitled.

Don’t Assume You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Many people delay or even refuse to hire a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD because they are worried that they can’t afford the fees. Many lawyers, including those at the Greenberg Law Offices, may work on a contingency fee. This means that they don’t get paid until you win your case.  Once you win, your lawyer may take their fee as a percentage of your winnings. The rest will go straight to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Once you begin working with a lawyer from the Greenburg Law Offices, you should always remember that your lawyer is on your team. Do not be afraid to ask your lawyer any questions that you may have about your case. You have the right to understand the proceedings.

Don’t Believe Your Case is Worthless

Another mistake that many injured people make is believing that their case isn’t worth anything. The truth is that even small injuries may be entitled to compensation. If you have been injured by someone else, then it’s in your best interest to meet with a lawyer to discuss your options. You may be surprised by what you find out.

Baltimore Personal Injury Law Infographic

The Do's and Don'ts Following an Injury InfographicReasons why you should consider a lawyer from our law firm in the Baltimore area:

You Stand to Recover More

Whether the case goes to trial or settles out of court, people who hire our lawyers tend to recover significantly more money. Your lawyer will not only work to build a strong case that is favorable for you, but they will also negotiate with the opposing counsel, ensuring that you do not accept a lowball settlement offer. Additionally, many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis meaning, and you won’t have to pay for your lawyer unless they obtain a settlement for you.

You Do Not Pay if You Don’t Win

A personal injury lawyer usually bills you on a contingency basis. This means that he or she will only collect fees from you if you win your case. If you do not win, you do not pay the fees for his or her services. This means less risk for you and more incentive for your personal injury lawyer to work for a favorable outcome for you.

You Save Time

Between recovering from your injury, caring for your family, gradually returning to work, etc., you probably do not have a lot of time at your disposal to gather and review evidence related to your personal injury case. On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer has the time and experience to dedicate to your case.

You Have Options

You do not necessarily have to take your case to trial. You may have the option of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. Your experienced personal injury lawyer can advise you on whether this is possible in your situation and whether it will be to your benefit.

Your Lawyer Has Objectivity

It can be difficult for you to calmly assess the evidence in your case when it is tied to so many emotions related to your accident. Our lawyers at Greenberg Law Offices will be able to evaluate the evidence with a dispassionate eye, ensuring that you are making sound and wise decisions about your case.

Your Lawyer Has Resources

An experienced lawyer has a network of expert witnesses and investigators who can gather and evaluate evidence that may not be accessible to you. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can be a good investment. However, you should check to see that they have the necessary skills and experience.

Personal Injury and Pedestrian Accident FAQs

How do pedestrian accidents occur? 

There are many reasons that a pedestrian accident may occur; for example:  

  • The person driving the car was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while they were behind the wheel. 
  • The driver was not paying attention to pedestrian crossing signs and turned at the wrong spot in an intersection or while a pedestrian was crossing. 
  • The driver of the car was driving distracted. This could mean they were on the phone, eating breakfast, doing their makeup, or talking to someone else in the car. 
  • The driver did not stop at a stop sign or yield. They may have rolled through a stoplight or a stop sign and hit a pedestrian. 

These are just a few of the reasons that a driver may have hit and injured a pedestrian, and if you believe you know what happened, speak up to your attorney. 

What are the misconceptions regarding pedestrian accidents?

There are some misconceptions when it comes to being a pedestrian in a pedestrian-vehicle accident, and we are here to clear those up for you.

As a Pedestrian, What Duty Is Placed Upon Me To Avoid Accidents?

You have a duty to obey traffic laws, especially those written specifically about pedestrians’ actions, and to exercise reasonable caution at all times. A personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD, from the Greenberg Law Offices can explain which laws applied when your accident happened.

Do I Have To Cross the Street at a Crosswalk or Use an Intersection?

Under Maryland law, no, you don’t have to cross the street at a crosswalk or intersection, unless there are traffic signals at both ends of the block you’re crossing. If there are traffic signals, you have to cross at the crosswalk. You’re not allowed to enter the crosswalk if you’re facing a red light, a Do Not Walk signal or a raised hand indicator. When you do cross the road outside of a crosswalk, you must yield to traffic.

Do I Still Have a Case Even if I Was Cited for Not Crossing at a Crosswalk?

In Maryland, there’s a law that talks about contributory negligence. It says that even if you were only 1% at fault for the accident, you can’t recover any damages. Your personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD, at Greenberg Law Offices may still be able to find a way to bring a claim against the other party. 

My Pedestrian Accident Was Clearly the Driver’s Fault — Why Should I Hire a Lawyer and Pay Her Out of My Settlement?

Maryland traffic law can get complicated quickly. Even in cases where the driver was clearly at fault and was cited, for example, if the driver was texting while driving, there are still legal pitfalls you could run into simply by not knowing the laws about traffic and personal injury cases. Your personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD is a professional who keeps up on the changes in the law that you may have missed in your Googling.

Will the Driver’s Car Insurance Pay All My Medical Bills?

You’re responsible for paying all your medical bills. If you receive damages from the driver’s insurance company, you may be able to recoup the cost of those medical bills, along with ongoing medical treatments, future medical bills, lost wages, lost future wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.

What Should I Bring to the First Meeting With a Lawyer?

You should bring all the documentation you have to your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD. Photos of the accident scene, medical records, police reports and your written statement of what happened can all be helpful for your lawyer to determine if you have a solid case against the driver who hit you. 

Top 3 Ways To Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can result in injuries causing long-term effects. For those who commute by walking or cycling, these types of incidents can pose a real risk. The Greenberg Law Offices can provide you with a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD if this has happened to you. However, it is also good to be aware of how to avoid this in the future. Let’s look at 3 ways to avoid pedestrian accidents. 

Know The Rules of the Road 

Just like with driving, there are certain rules of the road for pedestrians as well. If you walk or cycle on public roads, you need to take the time to familiarize yourself with these rules. Remember, rules can differ from one location to another. 

These rules were created to keep you and the drivers around you safe.  If you are in an accident, a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD will review the pedestrian laws governing your area, to determine if both you and the driver involved, were following the prescribed rules for pedestrian safety. 

Don’t Take Risks

It is very important that you do not take risks while walking or cycling. It can be tempting to take a risk in order to speed up your commute, or for other reasons. One of the first things a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD will do is to examine whether or not any risks were being taken by a pedestrian or by a driver. Most accidents are a result of risks being taken. When these risks are avoided, everyone can commute more safely. 

Risks can include:

  • Jaywalking
  • Walking in the road
  • Crossing streets with no crosswalk
  • Standing in streets 
  • Walking or in the wrong direction with traffic
  • Cycling in the wrong direction with traffic 
  • Changing directions quickly while cycling or walking 
  • Failure to signal to motorists

Legal Representation Matters

Injured victims require the guidance and support that a legal professional can provide during a time that is sure to be incredibly difficult. In cases where the driver was under the influence, they will likely be facing criminal consequences. Know that for victims, retaining compensation can occur through the civil claims process. Damages from accidents can include compensation for medical expenses, missed time away from work, pain, and suffering, and more. However, to ensure you can put your best foot forward, having a lawyer represent you can be the best way to retain your entitled compensation. Our team can support you in strategizing your case and protecting your rights throughout the process. 

We know that the road to recovery will be rife with challenges, and we want to help. Greenberg Law Offices can manage the legal side of things so that you can focus on healing. Start receiving the help you deserve by contacting our personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD, today. 

Why You Should Hire Greenberg Law Offices as Your Personal Injury Lawyer

People can do many things to prevent getting injured, which is great. However, there are a lot of things that are beyond our control. A good example of this is when a person is involved in an accident that results in injuries. The accident may have been caused by the negligence or carelessness of another person. In other cases, we are the ones to blame.

These situations can be very stressful for everyone involved. They often require medical care, which can get expensive fast. Victims might have trouble working and have lost income because of their injuries. This can cause problems on top of the injuries themselves, which might make regular life more difficult or even impossible for some victims.

Hire Greenberg Law Offices is the firm you should hire if you want to win your personal injury case. Greenberg Law Offices has been practicing personal injury law for years. They have a proven track record of success and have fought for countless clients who were injured in car accidents and other types of accidents. They are very professional and will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. Greenberg Law Offices’ lawyers are well-known for winning large settlements for their clients, often exceeding six figures in some cases. If you need help with your personal injury case, don’t hesitate to contact Greenberg Law Offices today.

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We are dedicated to protecting your rights and making sure you get compensated for any injuries you may sustain while you are out on the road or at home. Our personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, MD works across all areas of personal injury law, handling cases involving car crashes, motorcycle crashes, truck crashes, bicycle crashes, pedestrian accidents, slips and falls on the property, dangerous products, and medical malpractice. Whatever the cause or nature of your injury was – whether it happened in a car crash or at a construction site or at school – we have the experience and resources to see you through to a successful resolution of your case.

One thing we won’t do is promise false hopes. We’ll take the time to walk you through everything, step by step so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Even though claims with insurance companies can get complicated and long-winded, we know what works and what doesn’t and will get you a fair settlement in the shortest amount of time possible.

You’ll have one attorney dedicated to your case who will make sure it gets done right, explained in full detail, and settled out of court if at all possible for the best interest of our clients. Greenberg Law Offices offers free case evaluations to all prospective clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you need to know your legal rights and options. Don’t lose out on your compensation. Our personal injury lawyers in Baltimore, MD have the skill and experience necessary to get you the settlement you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation with an attorney.

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