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Woman sues Baltimore police after incident

When Baltimore residents are behind the wheel of a vehicle, they already have plenty to worry about. After all, negligent drivers can swoop in at any second and cause a motor vehicle accident. However, one woman was injured last year when she was stuck in traffic, but fellow motorists had nothing to do with it.

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Student struck while legally crossing street

Drivers must constantly be on the lookout for pedestrians. This vulnerable demographic can be seriously injured or even killed when snagged in a car accident. Part of keeping a watchful eye for pedestrians involves being conscious of them in areas where they are likely prevalent, such as near a school. A recent accident in Blair

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Multicar crash kills 2 in Maryland

Two people died and a third person was injured in a fiery crash in Abingdon, Maryland. The car accident occurred about 2 a.m. when a box truck traveling north on Interstate 95 hit a Lexus driven by a 31-year-old Abingdon man A Maryland State Police trooper happened upon the scene of the accident and pulled

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Maryland officer dies after SUV rams his car

A 28-year-old off-duty police officer was killed in a motor vehicle accident in Clinton, Maryland recently. The early results of the investigation showed that the driver of a SUV caused the crash. Police said the driver, a 61-year-old woman, will be charged in the death of the Prince George’s County officer, though the exact charges

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Roads expert says state needs to tweak policy

Some car accidents that could have happened in Maryland on the evening on June 29 would have been the blame of the state, which needs to alter its policies when faced when pending potentially devastating weather, one roads expert said. The expert said that on that evening, the National Weather Service broadcast to Maryland residents

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New tech may prevent car accidents caused by fatigue

Plenty of car accidents around Baltimore, Maryland, are caused by drowsy and inattentive drivers. A new commercially available technology may help prevent those car accidents by guiding drivers back to the center of their lane. Even though the technology may reduce car accidents caused by fatigue and inattentiveness, the technology may pose other risks. Lane-keeping

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