Student struck while legally crossing street

Student struck while legally crossing street

Drivers must constantly be on the lookout for pedestrians. This vulnerable demographic can be seriously injured or even killed when snagged in a car accident. Part of keeping a watchful eye for pedestrians involves being conscious of them in areas where they are likely prevalent, such as near a school.

A recent accident in Blair highlighted this fact when a vehicle struck a high school junior in the middle of the afternoon as he walked home from school. The accident caused trauma to the student’s brain. He was transported to a local medical facility, where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

According to reports of the accident, the student did nothing wrong. In fact, he acted as an exemplary pedestrian. He was crossing the street at the intersection of University Boulevard and Lebanon Street. The student had also waited until the “Walk” signal illuminated, prompting him to proceed forward. As he crossed, the vehicle struck him. The student was wearing earphones at the time of the crash.

The driver that struck the boy did show the decency of stopping his vehicle and staying with the student until emergency crews responded.

After the accident, the student slipped in and out of consciousness. He was able to compose himself enough to report both his name and the school in which he attended to emergency responders. He was scheduled to rest in ICU for 36 hours.

Media reports did not state whether the driver faces any sort of criminal penalty for his negligence. Whether or not he does, the student and his family could still file a civil lawsuit against the driver, which, based on police reports, appears to be fully responsible in the matter.

The boy and his family could seek compensation for his medical bills and general pain and suffering.

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