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Football league, military join to address brain injuries

Last week, we wrote about the class-action lawsuit that former professional football players are pursuing against the National Football League over the connection between head injuries and long-term brain damage. The NFL has now teamed with the military to discuss head injuries and their impacts. The NFL and representatives from the U.S. Army and the

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Plaintiffs merge cases against NFL

The number of personal injury suits filed by former professional football players, including some who played in Baltimore, has grown to more than 80. These suits represent more than 2,000 players who said the National Football League didn’t do enough to treat brain injuries that resulted from concussions. Now, one master complaint has been filed

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More ex-players sue NFL over concussions

Two more lawsuits have been filed against the National Football League, accusing the league of putting players, including players in Baltimore, on the field despite knowing the evidence that the game could lead to brain injuries and other long-term neurological disorders. The lawsuits, filed on behalf of 25 former NFL players total, contend the players

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