Brain injuries can be hard to detect, are still dangerous

Brain injuries can be hard to detect, are still dangerous

There is a reason why traumatic brain injuries are so hard to diagnose, and, in turn, are considered incredibly dangerous. Whether a brain injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident or simply bumping one’s head during an everyday activity, a victim can look completely fine even when they are not.

This should be a legitimate worry for Maryland parents, as kids are often engaging in physical activity that could put them in line for a serious brain injury. In fact, 38 million kids throughout the United States participate in organized sports, which is considered a common culprit.

What’s even scarier is the fact that children do not always fully recover from a brain injury. A doctor at a brain health center recently revealed that not all children recover all their cognitive functions after suffering a concussion. In fact, one in five children that suffered a concussion exhibit problems with higher-order reasoning skills for two years after the injury.

Many parents point to football in particular, claiming that those who play the sport are especially susceptible to brain injuries. There is some truth to that, with 47 percent of all concussions experienced in high school sports coming from football. Still, bike accidents are the most common reason children 19 years old or younger visit an emergency room with a concussion. Falls on a playground are common causes of concussions in kids age 10 and under.

To safeguard children during sports, all coaches, teammates and parents need to be aware of the hazards and problem signs of a concussion. An athlete that jumps back in action too quickly runs the risk of facing second impact syndrome, where a second blow to the head can cause blood flow to the brain to spiral out of control.

Brain injuries are often the result of a serious accident. Seeking the right medical attention is paramount in these instances. The costs of such treatment can be obtained through a civil suit against any negligent parties.

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