The tale of the SuperDad

The tale of the SuperDad

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Fathers looking to fight for time with their children often believe that the system is against them. In court, when the ruling goes for the mother of the child, some fathers believe the fix is in. The true scenario is that the court only looks at what is in the best interest of the child. The status quo often prevails. Fathers who become SuperDad right before a hearing will not be looked at as favorably as a mother who has been SuperMom the entire time. Here are a few helpful tips for fathers to think about when beginning a custody battle.

  1. Stay in the home.
  2. Leaving the home will automatically put you at a disadvantage because now the primary parent in the house with the children is the mother. Keep space and distance between you and the mother if there are conflict issues. Most importantly, keep the peace. Sleep in another room if need be and ensure that your child does not see you and the mother argue.
  3. Be knowledgeable
  4. You should know the names of the pediatrician, dentist, teacher, nanny, daycare, friends, favorite tv show, favorite toy, sleep schedule, favorite food etc. An involved father will know everything there is to know about their child. An uninvolved father will not.  If you must, keep a journal and write down everything.
  5. Be knowledgeable
  6. This is not a typo. It is imperative that you understand everything there is to know about your child. Remember the Judge will only know you from the 30-45 minutes you are on the stand. If you cannot say what your child likes or dislikes then how can you say you are in the best position to be the primary caretaker? If you cannot speak to the daily routine of your child then how can you convince a Judge that you are the parent in the best position to take care of your child? Document your activities with your child and get to know his/her schedule intimately.
  7. Did I say document?
  8. Documentation is vital in a custody battle. You must also understand that your significant other will be documenting as well. Test messages, emails, journals, social media, calendars are all good sources of information. Evidence in written form is a lot more convincing than a “he said” “she said” scenario.

These are just a few tips that fathers need to be aware of when starting a custody battle. If you or anyone you know needs a consultation regarding child issues please contact the competent family lawyers Arlington, TX trusts today.



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