What to Expect if You Have Been Charged With a Crime

What to Expect if You Have Been Charged With a Crime

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If you have been charged with a crime, or are expecting to be charged with a crime, chances are you will be curious over what you can expect from this type of process. The unknown that can come with criminal charges can be terrifying, especially considering how significantly your life may change should you be convicted of the crime you have been charged with. Because of this, the last thing you should do is set yourself up for obtaining an unfavorable outcome. Contact a criminal defense lawyer with the experience and guidance you deserve if you find yourself facing criminal charges. They can help you to understand what lies ahead regarding the criminal process.

You May Not be Arrested Right Away

In some cases, you may not be arrested at the scene. A criminal charge can come further down the road. This may be because law enforcement first had to investigate the crime and gather enough evidence to present to a judge first. The affidavit that is submitted must show probable cause in order to obtain an arrest warrant. Once the judge reviews the information that has been provided, they may then issue an arrest warrant. 

You Are Likely to Be Arrested

Once an arrest warrant has been issued, the police will then make efforts to find you so that they can arrest you. If the police approach you with an arrest warrant, it’s important that you request to see the arrest warrant first. The arrest warrant will outline the reason for the arrest, and may even have certain restrictions regarding the arrest. 

You Will be Taken into Police Custody

Once arrested, you will go to the police department to be booked and questioned. Although you can invoke your Miranda Rights at the time of the arrest, at this point you should also contact an attorney. This can give you the opportunity to have legal protection from a lawyer when being questioned, additionally, it may be beneficial to meet with your criminal defense lawyer before any court hearing. 

You Will Attend a Court Hearing

You should meet with your criminal defense lawyer prior to your court hearing in order to determine how you will plea and to discuss possible defense strategies with your lawyer. At the court hearing, you will be brought before a judge to have your charges read to you. At this point you will be asked to enter a plea to the charges you have been accused of. 

A Criminal Conviction Can Change Your Life Forever

There are a number of crimes that may call for the representation of a criminal defense lawyer. If convicted, your life could forever change. Even long after you have resolved your criminal case, a criminal conviction stands to follow you, in some cases, for the rest of your life. Crimes that may warrant the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer include: 

  • Assault 
  • Homicide
  • Theft
  • Drug Possession
  • DUI

If you have been convicted of a crime, some of the consequences you may face after you have served your sentence may be surprising. They may include:

  • Your right to own a firearm
  • Your ability to retain your driver’s license
  • Result in a more severe sentence if you obtain additional criminal charges in the future
  • Impact child custody arrangements
  • More challenging to obtain employment

Knowing what you should do in the wake of a criminal charge can be incredibly overwhelming. Entanglements involving the criminal court system can be terrifying, especially when you consider the consequences that a criminal conviction may come with. The road ahead can quickly become confusing following a criminal charge, because of this, you will need a criminal defense lawyer to help guide you through the process. Contact a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, CA today so that their guidance and legal experience can help outline the process that you may be facing, and provide you with the legal protections that you deserve. 



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