What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Personal Injury Lawyer Personal injury advertisements are ubiquitous. Everyone has seen ads on TV or billboards showing victims with personal injury lawsuits touting how much money their attorney won for them. The idea that a personal injury claim is worth money is intuitive—if someone else injures you, they should have to pay you money. Anyone

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Steps For Filing a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Car Accident Lawyer Purchasing an insurance policy is an investment in your future. When you do buy it, you are also buying a sense of protection and peace of mind. When an event occurs that you know your insurance will cover, you have one less thing to stress about should a bad situation arise. Unfortunately,

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After a Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer If I have been injured in a motorcycle accident what should I do? After a motorcycle accident, you will most likely need to seek medical attention. Even if the accident doesn’t seem very serious at first, some injuries can start to appear days after the accident. Going to the doctor and getting

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The Importance of Forensic Evidence

Criminal Lawyer Forensic evidence may be introduced in court by your criminal defense lawyer to help the jury understand how you could not have committed the crime for which you were charged. In the early stages of developing your defense strategy, it’s important to tell your criminal defense lawyer about any evidence that might help

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Facts about divorce

Divorce Attorney There are numerous statistics floating around regarding divorce rates. Many of those statistics include comparisons that look at age, gender, children, and college degrees among other variables that may influence the pursuit of divorce. For many years, people have heard that 50 % of all marriages end in divorce. This number is widely

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