What a Drug Attorney Can Do For You

Criminal Lawyer If you were recently arrested for drug possession, it is understandable that you’re stressed out and frightened. A drug possession is a serious charge that can result in jail time and other consequences. That is why it is so important to hire a skilled drug lawyer Fairfax, VA trusts as soon as possible

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Common DUI Scenarios

DUI Lawyer Statistics show that Texas leads the nation in drunk driving accidents, as an Arlington, TX DUI lawyer knows only too well. With an accident occurring about every 20 minutes that involves someone who is intoxicated. DUI statistics show that not just one age range is impacted. This includes everyone from college to elderly,

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The Problems of Legalizing Marijuana Without Federal Oversight and Controls

Car Accident Lawyer With each successive legislative session, a growing number of state representatives who were once opposed to the legalization of cannabis are bending to the will of marijuana reformists. What begins as a conversation for the legalized use of medical marijuana comes full circle when legislators tip in favor of decriminalization and soon

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Is It Time to Hire a Different Divorce Lawyer?

While a divorce may never be completely easy, working with a skilled divorce attorney may make the process more bearable. An attorney may help you fill out the mountains of paperwork, handle communication with your spouse and look out for your best interests. However, not all divorce lawyers are created equal. Just because a particular

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What May Happen After a Car Accident?

As the majority of car drivers are aware, car collisions may arise at any time and are often unexpected. Car crashes can result in physical pain, costly medical care, and substantial vehicle damages. Those who have never been in a car accident before, may have plenty of questions about what may happen next. Here in

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Criminal Fraud Defense for Your Trial

If you have recently been arrested and accused of fraud, then you can rely on an attorney for strategy, support and representation to stand firm and to not back down easily to the prosecution. They can work to challenge the evidence brought forth against you and understand that sometimes there are innocent miscommunications between two

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Collecting Damages for a Brain Injury

If you have been injured at the hands of another person, you may be considering a personal injury claim or lawsuit. A brain injury can not only come with a longer recovery period, the outcome to follow can be unpredictable. Attorneys may be beneficial in helping their clients achieve positive outcomes when collecting damages for

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Rear-End Accidents: Injuries and Common Causes

In 2016 alone, accidents involving transportation were the leading cause of job fatalities in the U.S.A. Many don’t think about it because we tend to get comfortable with this common activity, but driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a daily basis.  Knowing that, it is probably a good idea to

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