The Importance of Forensic Evidence

Criminal Lawyer Forensic evidence may be introduced in court by your criminal defense lawyer to help the jury understand how you could not have committed the crime for which you were charged. In the early stages of developing your defense strategy, it’s important to tell your criminal defense lawyer about any evidence that might help

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Alternatives to Business Bankruptcy

Criminal Lawyer Businesses that are struggling to keep up with their financial obligations may consider bankruptcy as an option. While there are many cases in which bankruptcy can help a financially distressed business and actually may allow it to stay operational, there are other alternatives that should always be explored. The business bankruptcy attorney can

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What Should I Look For When Hiring a Court Reporter?

 Personal Injury Lawyer When browsing around looking for a court reporter to hire, it can be difficult to identify who is most qualified for the job. Not all court reporters have the same experience level or skill-set. Hiring a court reporter that ends up being flaky and under-qualified can seriously jeopardize the meeting or proceeding.

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What To Do When You Are Charged With Theft

Criminal Lawyer If a police officer has charged you with theft, you are likely unsure of what to do whether you are innocent of guilty. Theft charges are criminal charges, and if a judge convicts you, those charges can remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. After an officer charges you

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The tale of the SuperDad

Family Lawyer Fathers looking to fight for time with their children often believe that the system is against them. In court, when the ruling goes for the mother of the child, some fathers believe the fix is in. The true scenario is that the court only looks at what is in the best interest of

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Sexual Assault Injury Claim

Sex Crimes Lawyer No matter who you are, sexual assault is devastating. It can injure the victim both physically and emotionally regardless of who the perpetrator is. If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual assault, you may be unsure of the next steps to take. How do you know if

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What Is Power Of Attorney?

Family Lawyer In the event that you become incapacitated, a Power of Attorney is a legal document that acknowledges that you’d like another person to act for you. It specificies someone to represent you in business, legal, and personal affairs. When you create this document with someone that you trust, you’re known as the principal

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Elements Of a Personal Injury From Assault

Personal Injury Lawyer When someone says they were personally injured, it is often believed that someone must have hit them with something or physically damaged them in some way. However, an assault can happen when someone feels threatened by another person. When an “assault” occurs, person A threatens person B with bodily harm and does

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