Divorce Damages Attorneys Tampa FL

Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult for all parties involved. When things are not going smooth, and there are bouts of arguing, disputes, and bitterness, the divorce process can become very complicated. If this should happen, and you are concerned about your own divorce process being drawn out, or losing more than what

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The George Floyd Act

Across Texas, lawmakers push to end systemic racism and police brutality by introducing the George Floyd Act, to honor Floyd, and to address policing. Floyd’s death led to worldwide protests during the summer of 2020. The George Floyd Act will be introduced during the 87th legislative session, which began on January 12, and ends on

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Dog Bite Liability

We have all heard the saying, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” This is very true for many people. However, there are some problems that owning a dog can lead to. We all understand that pets are family and they are, are in most cases, sweet to their owner. The same does not always translate

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Understanding Drug Abuse: Inhalants

Understanding Drug Abuse: Inhalants While many drugs can be taken through various forms, inhalants refer specifically to those that are only ever inhaled (other uses are possible, but this is rare and generally not considered). Unlike other abused drugs, inhalants can be found around the house in regular items. Access to them is easy and

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How Alimony is Calculated

Alimony is a part of divorce that is sometimes more difficult to agree upon than separating items purchased while married.  It is important to have someone with years of experience in your corner during your divorce proceedings to advocate for you and your interests. Alimony is awarded to the spouse making less money to make

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Don’t Try to Represent Yourself in a Criminal Case

Occasionally, lawyers run into a prospective client who wants to defend himself—to act pro se—in court. If you follow these cases closely, you’ll see that self-defended cases rarely result in an acquittal. Do you have the right to represent yourself? Absolutely. Should you? Absolutely NOT. The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution states that:

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6 Things to Know About Marijuana Use

Marijuana has a changing legal landscape that can affect any user. Here are some things to know about marijuana use in the United States. How Many Americans Have Used Marijuana? According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 48% of Americans admitted that they have ever used cannabis. However, only 16%

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What to Do If Stopped for a DUI

Driving under the influence (more commonly known as a DUI) can result in a serious charge. Since someone who is impaired behind the wheel can cause major damage to others on the road, you may face severe penalties if found guilty. Cooperating with police if you are pulled over can make things go a lot

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