Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents Suppose you are walking into a grocery store and your shopping cart runs over an uneven threshold upon entering the store. This mishap causes your shopping cart to halt and eventually you trip and fall as well. When you get up, you notice you suffered a laceration to the arm from

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Types of Negligence in an Accident

Accidents most commonly occur when there is negligence involved. Negligence is the lack of care to behave responsibly in certain circumstances. Negligence usually involves an action that would be deemed responsible for the accident. Comparative Negligence There are two main kinds of negligence within the legal field. Comparative negligence allows for a reduction in the

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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer FAQ: I suffered a traumatic brain injury in a slip and fall, can I receive compensation?

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer FAQ: I suffered a traumatic brain injury in a slip and fall, can I receive compensation? When people think about the injuries sustained in a slip and fall, they will typically imagine broken bones and strained muscles. However, some of these accidents can cause serious head injuries that range from

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The 3 Main Types of Alimony

The 3 Main Types of Alimony When alimony is established by the courts, it is often one spouse who is struggling financially during a separation or divorce. There are several factors that a judge may consider before imposing an alimony order. Perhaps the biggest contributing element to an alimony dispute is whether the paying spouse

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What Are Damages in a Lawsuit?

Lawsuit Damages You’ve probably heard about the concept of suing for damages. If you become involved in a lawsuit, this term is critical to your case. Whether you are suing another individual or entity for a personal injury, malpractice, or any other reason, you’ll want to recover enough damages to pay for your medical costs.

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Getting a Job with a Criminal History

Criminal Record Colorado’s “ban the box” law went into effect for employers with at least 11 employees, and it will apply to all employers in the state on September 1, 2021. These laws prevent employers from asking potential hires about their criminal history on applications, essentially banning the once-widely-used checkbox people marked to disclose their

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What All Fathers Should Know About Child Support

Child support can be a very sensitive topic that makes separated partners even more at-odds with each other. In many scenarios, it is custodial mothers who receive payments from non-custodial fathers. However, in some instances mothers may pay child support to fathers with sole custody. Which parent is court-ordered to pay child support and for

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