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When you and your spouse are discussing child support during your divorce proceedings with a Baltimore, Maryland family law firm, it can be an extremely complicated and touchy subject. Every state has some sort of formula that they must use when determining how much child support one parent is supposed to pay, and this standard formula should help make the child support payments objective. Additionally, it can help determine the right amount of child support that will be most beneficial to the child. If you have any questions regarding child support payments, what affects child support payments, and what happens if you do not pay the payments, Greenberg Law Offices are a family law firm based in Baltimore, Maryland that can provide you with support. For a consultation regarding your specific circumstances, please call our Family Lawyer in Baltimore now. 

What situations can affect child support payments?

One of the situations that can change whether your spouse continues to pay the same amount of child support is if you begin living with someone else. The reason is that if your partner begins buying you and your child clothes, food, and provides you with shelter, your ex-spouse could see this as an opportunity to petition the court to change their child support obligation. This would likely mean they are petitioning the court to lower how much they pay you monthly. In doing so, our family law firm based in Baltimore, Maryland will tell you that your ex-spouse will need to show that your new partner is capable of and currently covering the cost of some of the child’s expenses. By proving this, they can show that your income is then freed up. If they successfully show this, a court may determine that you have more income coming from this new resource and thus reduce your ex-spouse’s child support payments. 

Is there a way to avoid this?

Our Baltimore, Maryland family law firm shares that one of the easiest ways to avoid this is by signing an agreement with your new partner that shows the property and their earnings are totally separate from yours. If you have this document in place, a court may not change the child support payment amount.

What happens if you do not pay child support payments?

If you choose not to pay your child support payments, the law considers this a crime. Every state has some type of law that says it is a crime not to pay your child support payments. If you do not make your monthly payments, a court can put you in jail for a certain period of time as a punishment or even garnish your wages. When this happens, Baltimore, Maryland family law firms caution you that a court will make sure that a certain amount of money is taken directly from your paycheck and given to your ex-spouse or to a certain government agency. This ensures that you cannot withhold money intended for child support payments.

 If there is any reason you want to make a change to your child support payments, you can write a formal request with the help of Greenberg Law Offices. For more information, please contact our Baltimore, Maryland family law firm today.


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