Criminal Defense

Felony Drug Charges

Drug Crimes Lawyers Drug crimes are one of the most common types of crimes committed. This is true for most major cities in the United States. It is important that you stay informed about the drug laws that are relevant to your hometown and state. Furthermore, you should understand that there is typically a fine

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Answers to Questions About Arraignment

Criminal Lawyer There are a lot of terms related to criminal law that you may have heard on numerous occasions but may not really understand what they mean. This might be especially true if you have never been arrested or appeared before the court before. An arraignment is not a trial, but it is an

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What Actions Equal a DUI Charge?

DUI Lawyer DUI convictions are serious in every state. Given the severity of drunk driving accidents, it is no surprise that most states come down hard on those who are convicted of a DUI. When it comes to driving under the influence, you should always know when the law may consider you to be driving

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The Stresses of Defense in a Murder Case

Criminal Defense Lawyer There are, of course, multiple stressors in a murder case. Perhaps the first that comes to mind is the prospect of standing with one’s client before the court, preparing to hear the jury verdict in a first degree murder case – or, in circumstances where the court is imposing sentence, standing before

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Why You Need a Lawyer for a DUI Charge

Criminal Defense Attorney You and your friends are out late one night celebrating. You have a few drinks and believe that you are completely fine to be driving. However, you make the wrong decision and get behind the wheel of your car while intoxicated. You’re pulled over by the police, given a field sobriety test

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Criminal Law

Criminal Lawyer I am a new addition of the criminal defense team of the firm. The one question I hear from clients over and over again is “How can the police even charge me with that?” My general response is the simplest explanation; in Texas the police can charge you with almost anything just depending

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Four Common Questions When Charged With a Crime

“The police know I’m guilty. I know I’m guilty. Why do I need an attorney?” Because, at the very least, experienced defense counsel will tear apart prosecution’s evidence and analyze it for factors that could limit your sentencing exposure. Experienced criminal defense counsel may identify technical issues, such as constitutional violations, that you would miss...

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Does the Government follow the law in criminal cases?

I came across an interesting article in the Washington Post today about the government’s failure to turn over evidence in the case against the late senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska). Prosecutors failed to turn over evidence that could have helped the former senator refute corruption charges. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Mr. Stevens’s state of Alaska,

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