Obstetric services at risk in Baltimore hospitals

There has been increasing concern in Baltimore recently that the ready availability of quality obstetrics services in the city’s hospitals might be at risk because of a number of factors, such as litigation fears and increasingly high costs. Access to high quality maternity services is essential to helping to prevent birth injuries . The city’s

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Police trainee shot during drill

A police trainee who was hurt on the job during a training drill exercise has filed a lawsuit against the City of Baltimore and Baltimore County. He was shot and suffered serious injuries. His condition was described as critical. The lawsuit seeks several million in damages. The plaintiff is a trainee who was hired by

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Truck driver hit by train seriously injured

A retired Baltimore fireman who was driving a waste collection truck suffered serious injuries when his vehicle was hit by a freight train. The train then swerved off the railroad tracks. The accident took place in the Baltimore suburb of Rosedale. After the motor vehicle accident, black smoke that was visible from a distance arose

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Motorist charged in crash that killed pedestrian

A 43-year-old male motorist alleged to have been drug intoxicated at the time of the incident has been charged with vehicular homicide, and other charges, from a car crash outside Baltimore’s City Hall that killed a pedestrian. Such car accidents involving drunk or drug impaired drivers frequently cause serious injuries and deaths of innocent persons.

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Car hits and kills 9-year-old girl

A family and neighborhood in Middle River, Maryland, are in mourning after a beloved 9-year-old girl was struck down and killed by a car while crossing the street. Car accidents that take the lives of pedestrians often include children or the elderly. In this incident, the parents assert that the child had carefully looked both

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Is voice-to-text any safer? Study says no

For those drivers that think they have found a safe way to approach driving while texting, they might want to think again. Instead of manually text messaging on a phone, drivers might use a feature that allows them to speak the words, which will translate to text in the message. While this might seem like

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Woman sues Baltimore police after incident

When Baltimore residents are behind the wheel of a vehicle, they already have plenty to worry about. After all, negligent drivers can swoop in at any second and cause a motor vehicle accident. However, one woman was injured last year when she was stuck in traffic, but fellow motorists had nothing to do with it.

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High Court sides with girl injured at birth

Mistakes during childbirth can present life-altering consequences. Birth injuries, sometimes as a product of medical malpractice, can impair individuals for the rest of their lives. This has been seen with a 13-year-old girl from outside of Maryland state lines. The girl suffers from cerebral palsy, seizures and mental retardation. She was burdened with these conditions

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